Thursday, February 12, 2015


Heyy.. So here's a thing I thought I'd never say. I want to be a blonde! The pale almost white blonde. I think it looks awesome on people who is rocking it. But as you may probably already have guessed, I'm Asian and typically Asians don't have light colored hair, we have pretty much the opposite haircolour. But that doesn't prevent some Asian girls from dying their hair to blonde and I must say it looks so good and pretty. So why am I not heading to the hairdressers?

Here's a list of the pros & cons:

It gives you an instant superhero status
You will definitely stand out of the crowd
Hair can grow back, if you don't like it

You're basically attempting suicide to your hair
The maintenance of the roots of your hair
The costs of the maintenance of your hair
It looks unnatural

Why I should do it

While I'm weighing the pros and cons of dying my hair, look below at those pretty ladies with pretty hair. Even if I really want to dye it, I'd probably have to wait after my sister's wedding.. I think she'd have a heart attack.

What do you think of the blonde hair trend?

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