Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Personal | 'VANDAAG' is the place to be

I just went to the most awesomest place in the Netherlands concerning food.. It's called 'VANDAAG' which means 'today' in English. It's an international buffet where there's all kinds of foods available! There is food of the Asian, Western, European culture. I'm so bummed out though that I didn't take more pictures of the amazing place. Just look at those lamps! the decor of the whole place was incredible.. and the fooood. There were so many good food and desserts. 

If you happen to live/stopping by in the Netherlands, you should definitely visit Utrecht.


1st round

2nd round and the last one I got to take a proper picture of.

It was so crowded but there's still enough food for everyone.
how cute are these tiny burgers for the kids?

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