Sunday, May 17, 2015

EVENT | #WeRunAmsterdam !

I've reached a milestone in my life.. It was on my bucketlist and I thought it was time to cross it off of that list. I've completed my first 10K running race! If you ask me a year ago, I wouldn't believe that I would join the race. Some friends and I decided to just go for it and I'm happy we did. I have been busy with some other projects (my sister's wedding) so I didn't have much time to prepare myself for the race the last few weeks, so I was a bit pessimistic about the time I would finish the race in and I eventually got in the group for completing it in 70 minutes. And my official time was 73minutes which I'm kinda proud of, especially for my first time. 

Overall the race was such fun! Lovely people and there was lots of things to do, unfortunately I had to work before the race so I had to 'race' to Amsterdam right after work which gave me no time to do awesome makeup and hair. Maybe next year??

Did you join the Nike Womens 10k in Amsterdam? or elsewhere?

x J.

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