Tuesday, December 15, 2015

VIDEO | VLOG #2 Visiting Maokong, Taipei

Finally it's here! a second vlog! This vlog should've been online about two weeks ago, but due to some 'technical' difficulties (my laptop wouldn't recognise my phone) it was delayed.
So two weeks ago I went to see Maokong in the Maokong gondola. The gondola is known for their transparent cabins, the crystal cabins. You'll be able to see below you while riding the gondola. So you have a great view of everything. Since it was nice weather, my friend Christina and I decided to go see this after having our morning coffee. It was such fun and I'd recommend it for those who are visiting Taipei to get a perfect view of the city. 

Enjoy this beautiful view with me in this vlog!

x J.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

PERSONAL | Having faith

This is going to be a post that is (maybe too) personal for me. I wrote this post two weeks ago but never posted it. I thought now that time has past and things are settling a bit, I'd share it with you.
It's something about having faith. Some of you may or may not know that I often go to church. Maybe not every week, but I still consider it often. When I go and pray, I pray for all sorts of things. I pray for my family and friends, for the people in need and so on. I often do a quick prayer as well, I must admit I sometimes do a quick prayer for a good grade because I didn't study enough before a test. When you're alone in a foreign country, living abroad especially in a country where they don't speak English and they don't use roman alphabet, you tend to feel lonely and that's where you turn to praying. In my case, I was in the church. I prayed for courage and strength. Courage not to be afraid to ask and talk to locals despite not knowing the language. Courage to be able to live alone. Especially, courage to believe in myself. Courage. Courage. Courage. I remember saying this word (in Dutch) over and over again in my prayer.

Later that day, I went home. I really didn't feel like doing anything. I just want to stay locked up in my room watch some Youtube and just stay inside till the next day despite the lovely weather outside. I didn't even feel like getting some food. Everything was just a bit overwhelming. I got exhausted of trying to figure things out on my own. I was on my laptop and I can't even remember why but I picked up my LonelyPlanet book of Taiwan. I was just skimming on it and then I stopped and read 'Taiwan Design Museum'. I immediately had this urge to go. I just had to leave my place, even though it was already 3PM and it closes at 6PM. I packed my bag, grab my camera and left. I was there within 45 minutes. The museum was okay. It wasn't so big and half of the exhibition was something I've already seen, so I was done within an hour but at least it gave me a bit of my energy back.

But it was that temporary exhibition of GQ that brought me back again. This exhibition wasn't part of the museum and was a building apart. I didn't know beforehand. As you may have already seen in the video. It was about dreaming big and who you want to be. It was very inspirational. There was this wall. It had all those weird buttons on it, about 20 or so. This girl explained to me (mind you in Chinese, I just nodded with my head as she showed me) that those are all different stamps. You have to pick one out of the 20 buttons without knowing what it is and stick a piece of paper in it. She gave me one paper. On the strip was written 'What do you need?'. I chose a button, put my paper in it and pressed on it. I didn't really think of much when I was doing this.
I pulled it out of the button and read 'courage'.

It could be just a coincidence or it could be something else, but at that moment nothing felt greater than reading that piece of paper. It could've been everything but it decided to be the one word I needed to hear. It was a reassurance I needed that I'm not alone on this and that it all will be okay. I can say now everything's brighter and a lot more fun! I kept the piece of courage in my daily planner as a reminder for myself that I am capable and everything is possible if you just have the courage.

click read more for the pictures

x J.

Monday, December 7, 2015

OOTD | From maxi dress to maxi skirt

I was soo frustrated when I took this series of pictures because the lighting sucks soo much in my current room. I have no natural lighting and can only depend on the ceiling lamp for my light. I also don't have a tripod, so I should probably invest in one. So I felt like dressing up the other day, because it was sunday. People around here wear flats or sneakers all the time, which sometimes made me feel pressured to do so as well, but I'm persistent to keep wearing the things I like and would wear back at home.  

So this skirt was actually a H&M dress which I DIYed into a skirt. I remember buying this dress with my friends and they couldn't understand why I liked it so much, they called it the 'soepjurk' which means the 'soupdress' because I was drowning in it. And while I was in that store my 'kinda' crush was passing by and stopped to say hi while I was holding my 'soepjurk'. I remembered seeing his 'disapproval' face while he looked at that dress. Which was kinda embarrassing, but I didn't care and bought it.  It was a maxi dress had long sleeves and was just not good for my height, but it was the print that I liked so much. After having it in my closet for probably 5 years unworn, I decided to make a maxi skirt out of it. I love it now, only if I did a better job at sewing it.. Now I have to wear it with this belt otherwise it will just come down.

Skirt | DIY H&M
Shirt | H&M
Belt | H&M
Heels | H&M
Jacket | Bershka

Look at that... H&M should seriously sponsor me haha

What do you think of this outfit? Have you ever had an embarrassing encounter
with a crush while shopping? 

x J.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

INTERIOR DESIGN | Micro-apartments!

I don't know if it's just me but I've always loved watching room/apartment tours videos, maybe because I've always fantasied of having my own living space. I would see home stuff and have to refrain myself from buying, because I don't have my own space. So this morning, I stumbled upon a tiny apartment tour on Youtube from this random video. And ever since that video, I've been hooked on Youtube looking at apartment tours. Not just your regular apartment tour but micro-apartment tours. I think it's just fascinating how much space you can create on a tiny area. It also makes me want to create my own tiny space to live in.. Unfortunately that will have to wait until I get a proper job.

So in the mean time, let's envy those people who have created such awesome spaces. Here are my favourites. The videos are quite long, but it's totally worth it!

Let me know in the comments if you're able to live in a tiny space.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

OOTD | First week of school and being interviewed

Hey guys! So here's an outfit I took the other day. Casual but I like wearing my raincoat, so when I saw that the weather was gloomy and probably going to rain. I grabbed my chance!
Also. I just finished my first week of school and I've already learned a lot! I met some new people and got to write some Chinese characters. We do have a lot of homework everyday because I'm taking the intensive classes, which means 5 to 6 hours of homework, hence the tired faces I'm making. But it feels good to be studying again and the language is less intimidating now, I know some characters and can speak some Mandarin (even though it's really basic).

Also, I recently got interviewed by Astriela, who's a blogger for 'Netherlands Street Style' about my blog and what I think about Dutch fashion.You should check the blog out for great Dutch (fashion)bloggers and you can read the interview here.

Raincoat | RAINS
Blouse | Primark
Skinny Jeans | Bershka
Shoes | Nike Thea
Backpack | Fjallraven

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