Monday, September 28, 2015

PLOG | Little thing called regret

Today I went to Rotterdam to do high tea for my friend's birthday at 100m high. Which isn't really high compared to other buildings in countries like the States but here where almost everything is flat, it makes quite a nice view. I was quite surprised at the pastries we got, it was quite good for the price of €19 and was satisfied. It got more expensive though when we entered the Euromast, you have to pay €9,50 to enter the exhibit. The entrance fee made it not worthy (I'm a cheapskate). That's why I was so bummed out afterwards that I didn't film anything to at least make the most out of it. I forgot my camera because I was in a hurry and was already running late. I didn't think of filming on my phone at that time.. 

But things happen and I tend to get too hung up on that sort of things. Like I shouldn't have said that instead I should've.. Blablablaa. It's kind of frustrating that it keeps on running in your head and you can't really help it, so that's why you have to write this post at 2AM. And this is just another case of something called regret.

So the lesson I've learned today is to never forget to bring your camera.
Yes, even if it's going to the bathroom. (Just kidding..don't bring it inside, it makes people uncomfortable. Unless you use your phone as a camera..)

To make me feel better here are some pictures of today. 

Have you ever experienced something similar as well?


Saturday, September 26, 2015

OOTD | Such a rainy day

I've been wearing this shearling jeans jacket ever since I got it at Primark, especially since the weather is perfect for it. The only thing is that it isn't suitable for rain but there comes the Senz umbrella in hand. 

What do you think of this quick and easy outfit?

jacket | Primark
plaid shirt | Forever New
pants | Pieces
ankle boots | H&M
bag | Parfois
umbrella | Senz

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NEW IN | Shearling jean jacket

Guess where this jacket is from.

To be honest I'm not ready to bring out the winter coats out of my closet. Since Fall/Autumn in The Netherlands usually is just cloudy most of the day with a hint of sun sometimes, it's not responsible to just put on a lightweight jacket. Usually I just wear a leather jacket and put on a scarf if it's get chilly outside but sometimes it's just nice to grab something and go.  

This jean jacket is perfect for this. The jacket is fully lined with this shearling fabric so it's still warm inside but doesn't look like a snowstorm is coming. I'm planning to replace the black leather jacket with this shearling jean jacket, because lately I've been wearing leather too many times.

The best part is that the jacket is from Primark! For only 23 euros. Did you guessed it correctly?
I was looking for a pair of pants (which I still need to buy) but came across this jack. 

Outfit will follow soon!

x J.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

VIDEO | What's in my backpack?

Yass another video for you guys. I'm on a roll! Today's video is a "What's in my backpack?" video. I've wanted to do this for a while but never really gotten into it. I hope you like the vid since it's a bit different than the usual but I like to be a bit unusual :). 

I've been searching for a nice backpack to replace my Fjallraven kanken one for some variety in my outfits. So it was such a coincidence when people from Marington asked me to do a productreview on one of the many bags they're selling. I came across this suede light grey backpack from MiPac and it's exactly what I was searching for! I was looking for a backpack to carry my stuff if I want to go work on my blog or some project elsewhere. One that I can wear without feeling like a highschool teenager (I'm referring to the times when I went to highschool myself, not to the kids nowadays looking much older than they are). This model is quite simple which I like and the light grey color makes any outfit look more clean. The suede material differentiate the backpack from other backpacks and makes it more expensive looking.

The only thing is that I like wearing backpacks that look like they've been worn for several years or that they've been through a firestorm. And this backpack is still a little bit stiff, so I need to break it in. I've been wearing this bag for several days now and so far it's getting less stiff which I'm happy about. I'll be showing you how I style this backpack in a future post soon!

Comments below on what you think of this video.
 Do you like this backpack?

Oh and don't forget to subscribe on my Youtube channel for more of these vids! 

Buy backpack here | Click here
Other interesting backpacks | Click here

X J.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

OOTD | Heading to the city

When at least five people a day comment on your ripped jeans (not this jeans though) even though the holes are intentional and when you go to your part time job and someone (that someone being my brother) ask you not to wear teen clothes mentioning my ripped jeans, you know you need to buy some new pair of jeans. I've been looking in my closet but can't seem to find some regular skinny jeans, it might seem weird but somewhere between the ripped jeans trend my regular skinny's are disappearing. To be honest, I'm pretty much over the ripped jeans, it's getting a bit boring and winter is coming so it's not so practical. So I'm heading to the city to find me some good pair of skinny's.

Today's outfit is simple yet comfortable. I'm wearing my boyfriend jeans with an offshoulder top. I like to pair these jeans with some ankle boots or heels and this time I choose this fringed boot. I fell in love with it at first time while I was in Valencia. It's by the Italian brand 'Primadonna' and cost only 20 euros. I couldn't leave that behind!

Are you still on with the ripped jeans trend? How do you like this outfit?

Top | Primark
Cardigan | Primark
Jeans | Pull & Bear
Bag | Parfois
Boots | Primadonna

x J.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

VLOG #1 | Foodtruck Festival

Okay, bear with me guys.. So as you can see I made my very first vlog! Since I'm planning to go to Taiwan for a little while, I thought it would be nice to do some vlogs there because I'll have some free time there. To practice a bit, I decided to vlog yesterday. I went to the Foodtruck festival in my neighbourhood with some friends of mine. I seriously have my respect for those who frequently vlog! When I was editing I can't believe at how many weird faces I constantly was making.. It certainly makes you more conscious of how you look on a daily basis. Ah well, I'll get used to it and hope to improve each time.

The only thing I was still contemplating about is vlogging in English or Dutch? I decided to do my first vlog in Dutch since it will be easier for me to get used to first. But I'll still might switch up.. I don't know, what do you guys think?

So onto the vlog itself, I went to the Foodtruck Trek Festival yesterday with some friends of mine. It is the 3rd one I've attended (Yes, I like food way too much). It was such a pleasure for my tastebuds but not so for my wallet but we still had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was just so fun even though it rained for a bit.

So how do you like the vlog? Should I continue to vlog in Dutch or switch it up in English?

x J.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

WISH LIST | Stutterheim raincoats

pictures taken from Stutterheim

I'm obsessed with raincoats. Partly because of the rainy weather here in The Netherlands and partly because Kanye West is currently rocking them.. (*insert sarcastic laugh) I like that the basic raincoat usually is unisex and so practical, you can still it over your leather jacket and don't get wet.

The one I'm drooling over is by the Swedish brand 'Stutterheim'. They're handmade and made from oilcloth which makes the coat more sturdy. And because of this it comes with a painful, stab in the heart, a can't afford it, price. It starts from 225euros and go up to 400euros I think. My favorite one is the 'Stockholm' line which you can see on the pictures.
Now I need to find out if I can spare some money for this one here..

What do you think of the raincoat trend?

x J.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

PERSONAL | Real Talk

I thought I share with you a piece of my mind right now, what I've been going through and 'partly' the reason why I'm not so often blogging anymore. And maybe something people can relate to.

There's one point in your life that you either have already dealt with or probably going to in the (near) future (or maybe not for the lucky ones). I call it the quarter-life-crisis. I'm dealing with it right now. After I graduated from my bachelor's degree, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. Usually you continue with the master's right after you graduate from you bachelors. At that point I started to question everything. I felt like I'm doing these things because it's what the rules are and what people expect me to do, but not something I know I want.
Something I can use to reach my goals.

But what are my goals? What do I want to achieve in my life? What's my passion?
I've been struggling with this my whole life maybe not as 'deep' as that but it's in the little things when I need to make decisions in my life, not life decisions but small stuff like what to choose from the menu or what shoes to wear. I've always been the hesitater. And it's become so far that I start doubting myself in everything I do. Another thing is that I like to do pretty much everything from sewing and designing clothes to setting up my own foodtruck. Combine both things and you get a hot mess alright. What you get is me telling 'I want to be an illustrator' one day and 'I want to design furniture' the other, without doing something really about it. Not going after it is probably the worst thing I can do, cause you definitely fail if you don't even try. But I still want to find something that I truly feel passionate about.

So how do I extinguish 'liking to do something' to 'following my passion' ? I've been reading this book by Po Bronson called "What should I do with my life?" (yeah how more accurate can it be?), it's a book full of stories about people who have faced the same question. One story stuck with me. Noah has been struggling with finding what he's passionate about. He had ten jobs in 8 years spread over six cities in four different states. He believes that everyone has a unique gift to give the world, so what's his? Where is his passion at? He asked this question to the author and the next thing the author said is something I find inspirational and something I can hold on to.

"Some people are born into their passions. Some never get them and don't care. But I think if you're really struggling to find it, it's almost certainly for a reason. I think the depth of your struggling, is the sign there's something there. Something in you that's trying to get out."

It's okay to not have everything figured out yet, but it's something I need to keep looking for. Try something else, do something new, meet new and interesting people.
So what now? I almost don't dare to say it, because then it's official and something I really have to go after. Okay, here it goes. I'm leaving for Taipei. As in Taiwan, as in a different continent, as in a different culture, as in a different language for at least three months (probably six months). For some it may be nothing really, but for me it's scary as hell. I've never really lived alone and never been far from my family and friends, so doing this is a big step for me and I believe that it will do me good. I'm planning to study Mandarin there beginning from December, but I'll have to be there mid November already. So a lot of stuff to arrange beforehand and I hope everything will go as planned. I'll still be posting here about fashion but I'll include my journey to Taiwan as well.

Have anyone of you struggled with this as well? And how did you deal with it?

x J.

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