Thursday, January 29, 2015

STYLING | Three sportoutfits for different impact activities

I've been working out more and trying to eat healthy the last month. Since I've neglected my gym membership for a while, I needed to have some motivation ready. And a way I  motivate myself to get off the couch is by wearing fun and nice sportswear. It can also come handy for later on, when I'm running 10K at the Nike Women Night Run! Yes, I've decided to join so I must commit to the whole gym thing. And I must say it's going quite well so far, so I'm hoping it sticks. I'm really a noob on this whole running thing, so do you have any tips?

I've compiled some sportoutfits based on different impacts. Low, Medium and High impact.
Below you can see the looks!

What do you think of these outfits?
Are you dedicated to the gym?

P.S. I took these with my new camera, so much more convenient than my previous one!

x J.

The first outfit is based on low impact activities. Activities that includes almost no cardio. I like to wear this for a class of 'Bodybalance' which is TaiChi, Pilates and Yoga combined. The sportsbra isn't padded so it's best suited for these kinds of activities. I also don't like to get my Nike Thea's cherrywood dirty by sweating too much and with these classes you don't really need your shoes, so I don't have to worry about that when I'm going to class.

Legging | Bershka
Top | H&M
Sportsbra | H&M
Shoes | Nike
Coat | H&M
Beanie | Zara

The second outfit is based on Medium impact activities. Activities includes more powerlifting. I'd like to go to the 'Bodypump' classes. You don't do cardio for this class but you will be doing some lifting which can be straining your chest. So a soft padded sportsbra is nice to wear. The shoes isn't necessarily fitted for lifting, they are runningshoes, but these ones fits the best with these leggings from Primark.

Legging | Primark
Top | Pieces
Sportsbra | Primark
Shoes | Nike
Tunnel sweater | Dickies
Jacket | River Island

The last outfit is based on High impact activities. I'd say running and 'bodycombat' fit into that category. I sweat quite a lot when doing cardio, so I need something light and loose around my upperbody, so this thin top from Primark is perfect. Also I like the pink peeking through the top.

Legging | Forever21
Top | Primark
Sportsbra | Primark
Shoes | Nike
Coatigan | Zara

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


So yesterday was an exciting day for me. Probably the best way to start 2015!
I'm going to put it in caps lock. AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK.
Thanks to Alana, a friend of mine, I get to join her for three fashion shows for the Fall/Winter collection 2015. I am soo grateful cause it's still an opportunity you don't often get.

I decided to put each show in a different post since I want to share and review the show separately, so I can post more pictures concerning the show without the post being too long.

I had such a great time and saw amazing shows. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the shows!

x J.

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MBFWA 15 | MAISON the FAUX (part 1)

The first show I went to was the collection "C'est vrai ou c'est FAUX?" by MAISON the Faux.
I've done some research beforehand and the three young Dutch designers are known for their crazy fashion shows and extravagance and I must say they did not disappoint! 

As we went inside for the show, you see these clothing racks standing and models were still getting ready for the show, doing their makeup. As a guest you can just walk through the clothes and take pictures of models. At this point I was still a little confused of the whole set up. As the show is beginning, two MC's are announcing that the show is about to start and that the models have to get ready. And then the models were standing in line at the beginning of the 'supposed' catwalk. Than visuals are appearing on the walls and then the coin dropped. It was a reversed catwalk!
The audience is sitting backstage and are behind the scenes, while the models walk to the 'catwalk' which is actually the real backstage. Confused already? Well I kinda was, it was in one word some crazy wild shit. I didn't really know where to look at, on the one side, some crazy changing of clothes are mad while on the other side some half clothed people are chilling on a sofa added with some people running around. Meanwhile I am trying to take pictures, but everyone is moving too fast for me to capture it. 

But apart from the craziness, the collection is pretty bold and quite intriguing. I love how they don't have any limits in everything really. The graphic lettering reminds me a bit of Alexander Wang sport collection and some clothing reminds me of the '70s disco fashion with the flared jeans and extreme off shoulder tops. I just loved how they made it a real show to be reminded of. To show it differently than everyone else. It's maybe not the best way to portray some pieces and give it as much attention as it deserved, but it definitely is a show to never forget. 

What do you think of this crazy show by MAISON the FAUX?

MBFWA 15 | MDH By Marije de Haan (part 2)

The next show was the fall/winter 2015 'all colours agree in the dark' collection by Marije de Haan. It's my first menswear show and I absolutely love this being the first I visited. You'd think that because of it being menswear, I wouldn't be inspired by their show, but you'd be quite surprised. I love the colours she used for this collection. I saw blue, pastel pink and all shades of grey. The collection felt laid-back, yet there's this strict vibe to it. It's the way the models walk and wear these buttons up. There are a few things that is seen in every look, you never see a shirt tucked in and all pants are loosely fitted at the crotch area, sorta like drop crotch pants. 

The show starts with a woman wearing this mask on her head, which kinda reminds me of a scary movie I wouldn't want to see in the dark. And then the minimalist style of clothes follow. My favourite piece has to be the blue button up with the long tail. But I'm not so sure of the drop crotch pants though, it can quickly be seen as a pair of pyjama buttons, this is specially the case with the blue striped piece. I do love the styled button up look with the relaxed joggers look.

What do you think of this menswear collection by Marije de Haan?

x J.

MBFWA 15 | Schueller de Waal (part 3)

The last show I visited was the collection by Schueller de Waal. I liked the outerwear pieces the best. The frayed cropped denim jacket is something I see me wearing in the near future. Another piece I liked is the furry coat both in black and orange. Again these pieces look so ready to wear. 

Overall it was a good show with some pieces I liked and other pieces I didn't so much liked. 
I liked the idea that they made two versions out of each garment, varying in fabrics and colours. It's like you can wear the same garment in a day or night version. And the two versions walk simultaneously on the catwalk that is divided in two catwalks. It is a nice concept, but maybe it worked better in a bigger space. 

What do you think of the show by Schueller de Waal?

Friday, January 23, 2015

HAUL | BARCELONA haul in less than a minute

Better late than never right? So here's my Barcelona haul. At first I didn't know how I should show my haul without it being too boring, so I made a quick video (with quick, I mean real quick). It takes less than a minute! I hope you enjoy! It's a bit different but I like the outcome. Don't feel like watching the vid? Click below to see pictures!

Before I went to Barcelona I did some researching (actually a friend did) and I found out that all the inditex stores (Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear and other smaller Spanish stores) weren't having any sale at that moment of time, like in The Netherlands. So after some digging, the sale or 'Rabaixes' as they call it, started on 7th of January, the day before we were leaving Barcelona. So to avoid any danger we avoided stores and refrain from any shopping till that faithful day. The 7th of January was every man's nightmare. Every store was crowded with people and shopping bags, apparently rabaixes is a big deal for Spanish people, which I totally get, I mean helloo Zara sale. It was probably even a bigger deal for us since all inditex stores are cheaper in Spain and with the added discount even more cheap. So I didn't hold back and spend a lot of money in one day, from 12am to 10pm.
The biggest problem here is that I wish I spend some more!

Click below to see pictures and a bit of a backstory of some items!
Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the video and the haul

x J.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

TBT | Night out in Barcelona

Since it's thursday, I thought I'd do a ThrowBackThursday post. Exactly a week ago, I was in Barcelona and what a difference in weather compared to where I'm at now. I wouldn't dare wearing a skirt without stockings without risking some serious bladder infection now, but it was perfectly fine there. This was the outfit I wore when we went out for some clubbing near the harbour of Barcelona.
I'm loving this skirt from Forever21. It's so easy to dress it up or down. I think the skirt itself is kind of fancy and I didn't want to go there too dressed up. So I combined the skirt with a simple grey v-neck. You can never go wrong with a simple grey tee.

Shirt | Tally Wejl
Skirt | Forever21
Jacket | H&M
Boots | H&M

What do you think of this outfit?

x J.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TRAVEL | Barcelona Food Guide

It has been two days since I've been back from Barcelona and I've yet to recover from the trip. It has been a blast and a mini-holiday I won't easily forget. As I'm looking through the photos I've taken, I came to realise that most of the pictures are either of food or random shots of locals minding their own business. I don't know if it's because I'm obsessed with food and the people I was with are as well, but food played a big (important) part of the trip. There even wasn't enough time to eat at all the places I've wanted, but I managed to compile a little 'Barcelona Food Guide'. It consists places I thought are worth a visit if you ever decide to visit Barcelona in the near future. 

Before you go any further, I'm planning to do a 'Barcelona haul' since I've been doing some sale shopping there.. So stay tuned for that as well!

x J.

Friday, January 2, 2015

TRAVEL | Heading to Barcelona!

Hi guys! How's 2015 going for you so far? Mine has been quite something because
I will be spending my first week of 2015 in Barcelona with a few of my friends!
I can't wait to escape a bit of cold, since the weather in Barcelona is more like spring/fall weather around 15 degrees Celsius. Anyway, I'll be there till 8th of January and am not sure If I'm able to post something on the blog while I'm there..
But if you still want to follow me, you can follow me on instagram

See you soon!
x J.

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