Sunday, April 19, 2015

HAUL | Karl & CK sample sale + story about the red bag

As promised my Sample sale haul! I usually don't buy branded underwear or bikini, but since it's Calvins I couldn't resist. I think I'm good for the upcoming summer. Not really colorful but oh well. I love the details of the white bikini, with black linings with the brand name on it. I like the simplicity of it. The other bikini is a black and white one as well but is more graphic. And I just love the model of the bikini top. I also managed to get me some soft bras with the iconic elastic band, I didn't found them right away. It was on my third and fourth round. Unfortunately I couldn't find the iconic and well wanted underwear set but I'm still happy with these ones. The bikini sets are 17euro each, bra's 13euro and underwear 8euro. I also managed to find a bomberjacket from CK. I was hoping to find one and I did! Although I'm pretty sure it was placed in the wrong section and is supposedly for men but who cares? It had an original tag attached and was prized for 300 euro and I bought it for 50euro (score!). Finally, the winner for todays haul of the sample sale is this gorgeous bag from Karl Lagerfeld. 

So what's the story behind this bag? When we arrived, I went straight to underwear section and the clothing section of CK.. I totally forgot there was a Karl section as well. Which I regretted because the accessories of Karl Lagerfeld are the best. I still went through everything and didn't find anything interesting.. Until we were about to go to the cash register. But my sister still wanted to try some shoes, so my mom and I sat near the shoes and bags section. A splash of red caught my eye through the mass of people as I was sitting on the bench, but it wasn't sitting on the rack but it was carried by a girl in her arms. I fell in love and I was so desperate to find myself one as well. I went to the racks but couldn't find another one. The girl was standing there with her friend hesitating wether to buy the bag because she wasn't so sure on how to style it. In my head I screamed 'Then give it to me!', but I stayed quiet and quietly moved where she was going. I then saw an older women holding the same bag in another color and the color was beige and kinda perfect too and I saw that she was hesistating as well. What's wrong with them? The bag is perfect! Anyway so I had my eyes on both people. I know you'd probably think why don't I just ask them that for the bag if they don't want it?
 I don't know if I'm a bit weird or even a bit mean but if the roles are reversed and I was hesitating and someone was asking me the same question, I would probably buy the item. Because I would think that it's something worth having and that the item is really wanted by everyone. Who wouldn't like that? So I stayed put and continued to observe. Then everything happened so fast. The older women but the bag down, I grabbed it and then the other girl put it down as well at a different rack and I grabbed that one as well. Suddenly I had two bags in my hand. To buy both of them for myself is probably really irresponsible although I was contemplating it. My mom liked the beige one as well, so we both bought one! Since it was real leather, they were 90euro each. I tried to google the original retail price but couldn't find it. I only saw the bag on one german blog but not available for retail. 

What do you think of this haul?

Sorry for the long story on the bag! But I really wanted to share this with you.

x J.

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EVENT | Karl & CK sample sale

Last friday I went to the sample sale of Karl Lagerfeld & Calvin Klein. I just finished my exams and thought that it was okay to spoil myself a bit.. I haven't seen the sunlight the past week even though the weather was soo good to us. So when my sister got tickets, I couldn't resist. I've never been to a sample sale as well, so I thought it was a good time to start. I visited the sample sale on their first day open and went quite early, it was a 30-40 minute drive from my place to the sample sale, so it wasn't that far from my home. When you enter you get checked for the tickets and your ID and then you first go through the Calvin Klein section, which is the biggest section. Most of the items are from the 2014 collection which was a great surprise for me and the quality of the items are quite good as well.
The people there were pleasant, I haven't encountered women pulling on each other hairs (although I was almost about to.. which I will tell you later in the next post) and the people working there were really nice. I think I've heard about 5 announcements about founding stuff people have lost like their car keys, bank card or ticket. They don't mind you sorting throughout your stuff in the middle of the place and at the cash register the people there are also friendly and excited for your findings. So I had a quite good first experience for a sample sale and want to go to many more in the future!

Even though it was my first time, I managed to compile a little list of tips to go by when going to the next sample sale;

1. When you go there you can't wear anything of the brands from the sample sales and you can't bring any bags. So I suggest to wear something basic and simple and something with pockets to put your wallet and other necessities in.

2. Another thing you'd have to consider if you're going to a sample sale is that you probably won't have privacy if you want to try things out. There are fitting rooms but it's just one big open space for men and women. So I'd recommend wearing something under your clothes as well.

3. Go early. The fewer people there, the more chance you get to get your favourite pieces.

4. The items are (usually) not individually priced but are based on the type of garments, so if it's more beneficial to get something from the newer collection.

5. Be patient. It's really easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of items and garments around you..
I went to each section probably 5 times over and over again in an order. People will put back their stuff they don't want anymore and (I think they even refill the stock), so it's worth to visit sections more often.

6. Go without a mission. Of course it's good to have an idea already what you are 'hoping' to buy and done some research on their latest collections. But you can never predict what they are offering, so to not be disappointed on not finding the item, it's better to be openminded and just have fun!

I hope you the tips are useful for your own sample sale!
Have you ever been to one? If you have, for which brand was it?

I managed to get some stuff at the sample sale and will be showing it in the next post!

x J.

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