Monday, September 30, 2013

ootd | Dark lips

Primark boucle cardigan, Primark 3D shirt, Primark clutch, Bershka grey jeans, Nike air max thea Cherrywood
The weather is PMSing here in The Netherlands.. A few days ago, I thought fall was on like donkey kong but now I'm not so sure. The sun was shining and I didn't even need to wear a jacket.
If you're following me on my Instagram, you'd know that I bought this awesome YSL matte lipstick in dark red. It was 40% off at Ici Paris and I thought why not make use of it! I don't usually spend a lot of money on makeup, let alone by one of YSL, but the color suits my thea's and it will look great for fall.. If the weather is deciding to stop PMSing.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Personal | Stylight is taking over

I recently discovered this new fashion community Stylight and I got right into it! It's a fashion community where you can post looks in a collage, you can even put videos/music and quotes in it. It makes your look so much more fun and personal. You can get hearts for your looks or you can heart other people's, follow your favorite people and get inspiration from them daily. The best part is that you can buy the items you heart in one click, the site will direct you to the webshop where you can order right away. If you're looking for a different fashion platform or community where you can express yourself more, then you should definitely check Stylight and become a member to the community!

I'm still new to it and trying things out for the collage but you can still check my Stylight page here. Have you already tried it? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.
Hope to see you there!


HAUL | 3 girls, 1 Primark & 5 paperbags

It's that time of the month again.. Primark. Primark is a place that whenever you go, you have to buy something even when you don't really need something. Last friday was that kind of day. I wasn't planning to buy a lot.. although I didn't have a budget. But I was like okay, I'll just buy a couple of sweaters.. That mission was accomplished indeed.. with a few other stuff. Anyway, I'm really happy with my purchases and was pleased with their fall/winter 2013 collection! Can't wait to wear them.

For those who are interested in a more detailed picture and the prices of the pieces, click below!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ootd | First real fall outfit

Vero Moda fur vest, Zara white shirt, Bershka grey jeans, Graceland laceup boots
I felt like wearing something more appropriate to the weather today.. My first real fall outfit. When I was in Antwerp my friend was searching for a fur coat/vest and that brought me back to my own old fur vest. I forgot I wanted one so bad a few years back and found this on at the Vero Moda, still not the perfect fur vest but getting there.. This one is a bit cropped so perfect for dresses and high waisted stuff. Will this be my fall/winter essential piece of this year? We'll see.


Monday, September 23, 2013

ootd & haul | Cherrywood

Nike air max thea, H&M jeans, Mango shirt, Bershka mint blazer

Finally! I bought these Nike knockouts. I've been contemplating for quite some time on which Nike sneaker to buy and every time I found one, it's sold out or my size is not available. So when I saw this pair, I knew I had to buy it asap before it's out of stock. You either love it or hate it, it is the air max with a more feminim twist to it, air max thea, and I love the fact that it's completely cherryred with a hint of mint. I can't wait to wear it more often and this was my first wear of it. I paired it with a mint blazer which matched the mint on my sneaks and painted my nails cherryred.. talk about matching. I bought mine at zalando. If you decide to buy one as well, don't forget to add a vouchercode to get 10% off! The one I used is "actiecode0013". This will work in The Netherlands till 11 october 2013.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

ootd | Showing skin

H&M leather jacket, River Island striped crop top, H&M pleated skirt, H&M ankle boots, Mango necklace

I haven't been into the skirts lately, but I thought why not? Especially because of my new hair, I like to try different things and see how it looks like with shorter hair. My first try on the crop top + high waisted skirt and short hair.. Do you like it?


Saturday, September 14, 2013

ootd | Friday the 13th

Zara coat, Primark white shirt, Mango necklace, Monki jeans Converse all stars

Friday, September 13, 2013

Style appreciation: Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma is probably one of the tiniest fashion icon I know. She is so petite! But her fashion sense is so classy/different/colorful in other words awesome. Here are some outfits that stood out for me.. and also appropriate for the weather at the moment. Prepare for autumn you guys! 

Hope you got inspired!


Personal | Educational shopping in Antwerp

I'm finally posting some photos I took of Antwerp. The excursion to Antwerp was a lot of fun yet a torture at the same time. We got to see some really cool stores u and I definitely will keep the walking route.. But we didn't got the opportunity to shop. I actually didn't really had the time to 'look' at the products, I was looking at the interior too much. Our assignment was to take pictures of things you want to focus on in the interior/retail design. I was focusing on 'lights', so I had a lot of boring pictures but there are some really cool stores in Antwerp that I have to take pictures of.

By the way, you wouldn't guess how many times people were asking us NOT to take pictures, because they were scared that you'd steal the design even if you explained them you're just a student. So when my friend and I left the main group and went on our own, we just pretended to be a stereotypical tourists from Asia with cameras and acted confused when they asked us not to take pictures.. I guess being Asian and all can come handy sometimes.


for more pictures click below!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ootd | Batik meets leather

Gaudi (indonesia) Batik dress, H&M leather jacket, H&M ankle boots

Been MIA this week, because I had two deadlines and one coming up.. So I haven't been able to post! But a quick post of yesterday's outfit. Yesterday was my moms birthday and some indonesian celebration in church (forgot the name), so I wore batik, a traditional print for Indonesia. I have this dress for a couple of years but never got the right time or event to wear it, now I finally did!

Sorry for this short and boring post. I just need to get used to the school rythm again.. Anyway, my schooltrip to Antwerp was fun and I got to see so many cool shops and got many inspiration out of it. A post about that is coming!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ootd | Less like a farmer

Primark blouse, H&M boyfriend jeans, Mango heels
This blouse.. again! Sorry I couldn't help myself from wearing this again. The weather is getting hotter again, so its sheerness is perfect and I don't know about you but if the weather is hot I refuse to wear something tight fitting hence the boyfriend jeans. And at last, the heels make me feel less like a farmer.

Uni has started this week and I'm already looking forward to the weekends and holiday breaks..


Sunday, September 1, 2013

ootd | Black & Yellow

Monki sunglasses, H&M crop top, H&M leather jacket, H&M high waisted jeans, H&M ankle boots

For all of you observing people out there.. Yeah that sunglasses is photoshopped onto my face. When I take outfit pictures I tend to forget a lot of things to include in the picture. Such as the bag I'm wearing when I go out or the jacket I'm wearing when I need one. Anyone with the same problems?
But forgetting such an important piece that kind of defines my outfit like these sunglasses is a real no-no. So I did the unthinkable and photoshopped it onto my face.. Hope you don't mind and can see pass this.


HAUL | Back to school/uni

A4 sketchbook 4euro, 14.8x22 sketchbook 3euro, Filemap 1euro, Stanleyknives 1euro, Highlight markers 2euro, 5x notebooks 3euro, Mini mechanical pencils 1euro, Nailpolish 2euro, Metal wire 1euro

So it's official.. Summer break is officially over and what better way to start this year fresh with some new school supplies? I found this new cute store in The Hague called 'Flying tiger'. It's a danish store for all kinds of stuff. They sell stationary, home stuff, makeup, bathroom stuff, games and so much more at a reasonable price. So it's definitely one of my favorite stores right now. I had to put a lot of stuff back into the shop because I had too many (unnecessary) things in my shopping basket.
You can check if there's a Flying tiger store near your home at or if you're from the Netherlands at You can check their assortment as well at the site as well.

If you've already been there, let me know what you think of it! And if you haven't, if you'd want to visit one.. I'd like to hear your comments about it.

PS.: So stupid of me, I didn't take a picture of the store outside.

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