Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HAUL | CK sample sale

Just like at the beginning of the year, I went to the Calvin Klein Sample sale last week. This time there was no Karl Lagerfeld like the previous one but still okay. I had nothing in particular in my mind to buy but still managed to get some nice stuff. 

As I went inside I immediately went to the bags area, I've learned from the previous sample sale that bags are the most sought after and are more 'limited'. As I was there, nothing really caught my eye and was kinda disappointing, so I roamed around for jackets and other stuff. This electric blue summer jacket caught my eye. I'm currently obsessed with everything blue, especially dark blue. It's not something for the winter weather but it's still wearable for the fall weather, since it's made of this scuba material.

As I was walking around my sister called me and told me that they're restock the bags area with different bags every now and then. So I went back and basically guarded the racks. I had literally 10 bags in my hand but managed to cut them down to two bags. And I absolutely love these two bags I've found. It's not made from genuine leather so each bag was 30 euros. 

Lastly, I bought my first push up bra from Calvin and I must say I get the all the hype now. It is the best bra I've ever tried on. It feels so luxurious and it looks good on. It was only 13 euros and I'm so bummed out I didn't get more.

Overall it was a success. I didn't get like an overbearing load of stuff but I'm really happy of the stuff I did get!

What do you think of my haul?

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

VIDEO | Dutch design week 15

About a week ago I went to the Dutch Design Week. Each year product designers, photographers, artists showcase their work at this event. The event is held throughout Eindhoven, a city known for technology and creativity, a week long. You can follow workshops and listen to lectures for all things design and future trends. I like to see other people's work and get inspired by it and just be around people who appreciate it as well. I was quite surprised seeing so many people strolling around. It made me also aware of how much I actually miss studying Industrial Design. 

Out of everything I've seen (Unfortunately I didn't get to see everything because of lack of time) my favourite product must be the 3D to 2D foldable chair by Jong Ha Choi a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. It's so simple yet so brilliant. I didn't get to film the folding process but by folding the chair you can basically put the chair like a 2D picture on the wall. This means more chairs in smaller spaces. This boy is going places.

At an industrial building I found 'Shylights' by Studio Drift. It's probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen with my eyes. After seeing this video about Shylights, it made me love it even more. It almost brought me to tears when the lamp unfolded, no joke. I could seriously watch it over and over again. Like seriously every piece they make is a piece of art and has a story to tell.

I'm so bummed out I didn't get to see more stuff, it is also almost a 2 hour ride with the train so it's not that I can go and take off to Eindhoven. Next year I definitely have to plan 2 days for the event!

Do you like the video?

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

STYLING | 3 steps with the lace up front top

It took me a while but here's how I style the lace up front top for a night out in the city look. I like the combination of a 'sexy' top with a boyfriend jeans. It makes the outfit look more effortless and comfortable which suits the city vibe well. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket (yes even in winter times) and ankle boots. 

What do you think of the outfit?

x J.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

PERSONAL & OOTD | Finding Marie Kondo

I have a lot of clothes. Not surprising really, my parents know that, my friends know that, my wallet definitely knows it and of course you guys probably know it as well with all the hauls I'm posting on the blog. But enough is enough. I've been feeling suffocated by the amount of clothes I own. And I've noticed that my wardrobe didn't make me happy anymore but just makes me confused and frustrated in the morning. As I'm getting older I also noticed the types of clothing I prefer and certain looks I want to achieve. I also want to achieve a more minimalistic lifestyle. It certainly doesn't help achieving it with having garments in my closet that I wore in high school. It will give me a clear vision for my style by detoxing my wardrobe.

So last sunday (my only day off) has been about decluttering my wardrobe. My intention is to do my wardrobe first and work on other stuff phase by phase. At this stage I'm quite pleased at the amount of boxes (read the plural noun) I'm getting rid off. I know a lot of bloggers and Youtubers are doing a capsule wardrobe or the project 333. Now I'm not going to follow that (all though I think it will be fun to do it for a month or so) because I know that it's not something right for me (maybe in the future). I like to have some choice in the morning but the main problem I have with my current wardrobe is that I feel that a lot of garments aren't "me" anymore. And just be smarter while shopping. A method I'm going to apply is the "Konmari" method complied by a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo. Now I haven't been able to read it (I'm going to asap) but I've watched a video made by Youtuber Lavendaire. She really explains the method well and really inspires me to do this as well. So now I'm done with procrastinating and just decluttering everything! Marie just has a really beautiful and metaphoric way to describe the steps she takes on how to say goodbye to your stuff. She sounds really delicate and such an inspiring woman. So I'm definitely going to purchase the book. It's called the "The life changing magic of tidying up". Wish me luck.
I've added the video of Lavendaire below. If you're interested go check it out!

The outfit I'm wearing is pretty basic and super casual since I wasn't planning on going anywhere but just tidying up

bomber | VILA
Jeans | Primark
Sneakers | Nike

x J.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

HOW TO | Homemade Feel Good Tea!

At this time of the year where transition between the warm and cold weather is quite significant, especially in the Netherlands, it's quite easy to fall ill. Like having a cold, the flu or maybe you just feel less energized because of the cold and gloomy weather. Luckily for me, I've passed the cold a few weeks earlier and that's mainly because of this homemade tea!

I've learned to make this tea from my brother. I really don't know where he got it from or maybe he came up with the idea himself, but I thought I'd share this "Feelgood" tea with you guys! Because sharing is caring and it really helps me get through the colder days. 

The spices that are used for this tea are mint leaves, ginger, cinnamon, lime and honey.
I really like the combination of these spices and they're all beneficial for your health or if you feel ill! Mint leaves is good for your digestion and contains antioxidants as well.
Ginger helps clearing your sinuses if you have a cold and can give help you from nausea.
Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants as well and may cut the risk of heart diseases amongst other health benefits.

What do you think of this recipe?
What is your remedy to endure the cold weather?

x J.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

NEW IN | Missguided lace-up front bodysuit

Ever since I saw this top on May from OhMayGod on her instagram, I knew I needed one as well. But since I'm quite busty I was quite concerned how it will look like on me.
It can go either way.. really trashy or just really fashionable. And a little detail of the design of the top can make it or break it. For example I don't really like this one from NastyGal  since it is a bit more revealing and the little rings make the top look more cheap. This one on the other hand from Nelly, I do like. The only thing is the pricing of that one. So I put on my detective glasses and went online searching for the perfect top/body for less. Since I didn't really know how you call this model I literally entered every term I could think of on Google to search for that particular model a lace-up front top, tied-up front, criss cross top, a 'lattice' (I've never hear of it before) and every variety of each term. The most common term used for this is probably the lace-up front, so if you want to Google it up then look for this term.

After some digging I came across with this lace up body from Missguided, the perfect bodysuit! I like that this is a body and has a ribbed texture to it. I still find 30 euros on the pricey side but since I've never ordered on Missguided before I used the new20 discount where I get 20% discount. I couldn't decide between black and white, so I got them both. There's no delivery costs to the Netherlands on orders above 60 euros, but since my order before the discount is above 60 euros I don't pay for delivery! In the end I had to pay 25 euros for each bodysuit.

I'm quite pleased with the quality and fitting of the body and can't wait to wear this out! But I'm still not comfortable wearing something so revealing.. So it's getting used to it. I'm planning to do a 'How to style' video on this, so keep an eye on the blog!

What do you think of this upcoming trend?
Would you wear it?

x J.

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