Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OOTD | Cropped and striped

H&M striped blazer, H&M cropped shirt, Bershka jeans, Tally Weijl bag

Hi, Jill 2.0 at your service! An improved, better and a whole new version than the previous one. As you guys may have noticed, I wasn't all too active with this blog. And it doesn't only concern the blog, but the whole shabam you call the internet, except for social media.. But it gave me more time for things I want to achieve in life. Like achieving a healthy lifestyle. And since I've been gone, I go to the gym for at least three times a week, eat clean and enjoy life more. This all results to feeling better within my body and gaining more self confidence. So it made me happier and I'm feeling so much more motivated and positive in life. Now that I've gained a regular rhythm within exercising and eating healthy, I'm ready to go back to blogging without jeopardising exercising etc. Enough of that talk..

This is my outfit of the day. I remember buying this H&M striped blazer when there were a lot of them and it was just an impulse buy, but it definitely is one of my favourite impulse buy! Remember when Rihanna wore this blazer for her music video 'What's my name?'. That's when I knew that this blazer is a keeper. Few years ago, I would've never thought of pairing it with a cropped shirt, but I kind of like the cut of the back with the cropped shirt.

Another thing I'm totally obsessed with it my new bag I bought at Tally Weijl. Ever since I saw a similar bag at Pull & bear, it was my mission in life to find a similar one! And this bag was from 30euros to 10euros!

What do you think of this outfit?

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Travel | Three days in Swiss

As some of you may know, I was in Swiss last week, which was one of the reasons of me being MIA here. Another reason is that I'm in this blogging funk, where I don't have any inspiration to post something. I think it's better to don't post something forced or just because you have to. So I'm keeping this blog on a lower activity! Hope you guys can understand.

Now back to my little trip to Swiss, Geneva specifically. I must say I have enjoyed the city and the water is really beautiful (eventhough it looks very grey, because of the filter I used on the photos), but I wouldn't go longer than that to visit. It was soooo expensive. Like unbelievably expensive. I thought that Stockholm was bad, but Swiss was worse. To give an example. A burgerking meal costs about 15 euros! Here, in the Netherlands it would be about 6 euros? But some things were still affordable. While I was there I was really mesmerised by the mountains and the view! I've never really been into wintersports, so I didn't have any desire to go to the mountains and catch some snow. But seeing the beautiful mountains, which I could look at for hours, I definitely want to go see.
Overall, it was a nice experience to visit Swiss for a little while and to take some great shots!

Talk to you soon! You can see some more pictures below


Friday, May 2, 2014

HAUL | Nike Flyknits Free runs

Nike Flyknit Free run

This is by far the best bargain I've had since a while! I got the Nike Flyknit Free runs! How awesome.
The best part is that it was only 49 euros instead of the 150 euros I was prepared to pay.
A friend of mine was on a holiday and visited a Nike outlet and tadaaah they had these flyknits in my size. I think the colourway is really nice, it brings out the woven pattern better. And they're really comfortable to walk/run in! So happyy

What do you think of these Flyknits?

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