Monday, April 29, 2013

ootd | Queen's day

1. Clutch by Monki  2. Necklace by Pull&Bear  3.White tee by Pull&Bear  4.Skirt by Jane Norman  5.Necklace by unkown shop  6.Cut-out blouse by Forever 21  7.Aztec skirt by Forever21  8.High waist short by H&M
If you're Dutch or living in Holland, you'd probably know already that this is going to be the last Queen's day. So to celebrate it I'm planning to party on Queen's night and look at flea markets on the day self.

Sooo what am I going to wear? The tradition is to wear something orange. So I pulled all my 'orange' clothes out of my closet and came up with a few outfits.. What do you think? I don't know what to wear yet! You probably see on photos later what I chose.

If you're celebrating queens day as well.. Have fun!
And other people should just party as well :P


Personal | Find treasures or trash?

Sorry it's not a fashion post..again! But it could be a great spot for an ootd shoot though! Some friends of church and I went to clean up the woods that is surrounded by the church. We found a lot of trash and weird stuff.. But found cool places to shoot as well! I think woods are the perfect place for a nice background, it tells a story.. Look at that weird pose on the last photo. The awkward pose looks actually cool because of the background xD.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Personal | Learning from Socrates

"He who knows how to achieve happiness will do so. Therefore, he who knows what is right will do right. Because why would anybody choose to be unhappy?"

This is one of my favorite quotes of Sophie's World so far.. I'm currently on page 90 and still have lots to read/learn. But I'm taking it slow, to be able to dissect every written sentence in it. So far I'm liking it. 
This quote by Socrates made me really think and actually understand on what 'being happy' means. If you speak ill of others, often lie and cheat, and you know deep down that you're wrong.. Could you ever achieve happiness? Is knowing that you're doing wrong worth of losing even a tiny bit of happiness? 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Haul: Do something

Yesterday I headed out early to the city to enjoy the spring weather. We wanted to eat at Swags, as seen in the previous blogpost, but we were too early. So we went to the American Book Center to buy some books. I've been craving for books that will enrich my mind and knowledge. I opted for a classic novel but instead I bought a book that was recommended by a pastor of the church I go to and my brother, Sophie's world. It is a novel about the history of philosophy, so that's basically enrich-your-life-hardcore. A second book is The happiness project, it is about a take on life to find happiness. I think it's time for me to explore the kind of person I want to be because I'm turning 21 next month. I often feel that I don't enjoy my life to the fullest and that I'm stuck with a beta-version of myself. I'm hoping for change. After that I went to buy necklaces at Pull and Bear, which will be perfect for spring and to brighten up my outfit. The last purchase I've done is a lightweight pants with cute flowers/birds on it. I think that the pants looked chic and expensive but since it was on sale I bought it for 10 euros at H&M.

I hope that these books will inspire my life and that the necklaces my outfits!
Have a good monday~


Food | Swags

This post is solely dedicated to this 'oh my god, I can die happily now' burger. Yesterday I had this burger for brunch at a place called Swags. Yes, I know.. What the hell with that name? But this burger totally made it up.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

ootd | Pop your color

1.Pieces neon scarf  2. Primark black skinnies  3.Mango leather jacket  4. Nike janoski's shoes

Yesterday I wore an outfit not worth taking picture of.. I feel so uninspired lately.. I think it's because of the weather. It's so moody. One day it will be filled with sunshine, other days clouds are dominating. And today was an okay day, but it was still cold because of the wind. So I am dressed in all black and to compromise the dark outfit, I added a bright neon scarf. 

I went to see Roz and another friend, Kina. We hanged out a bit to eat some lunch and have coffee. Afterwards Roz and I took some pictures in the city while Kina was working. 
Anyways have a  nice weekend!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Food | Jolly jelly time

I haven't made these yummy treats for a while. Yes, it was necessary to make an awkward face while making this. It's called konnyaku jelly, I thought with the nice spring weather the jelly was appropriate! These were mango flavored jelly.
What's your favorite warm weather treats?


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haul / Life: Symptoms of procrastination

Today I'm going to tell you a story of how you know when you are having serious symptoms of procrastination. So this is how my morning went.. I'll explain it a la '500 days of summer'.

You have your expectations of how your day will progress and then you have the reality, how it really goes.. My day started of really well.. My expectations were in line with reality. I woke up at 8am to get ready for my driving lesson. It was hard to get my butt out of my bed but I managed. The driving lessons went quite well just as I imagined. My plan was to drop myself off in the city to study for my exam in the library. So I did and I decided to go to the supermarket to stock some food.
This is were it went wrong, where my expectations and reality collided and went seperate ways.
I didn't know what I wanted to snack on, so I decided to go to the V&D a department store, where they sell clothes, jewelry, makeup, home stuff and food. Instead of walking to the food corner, my feet took me downstairs where New Look has its corner. And this is where it went horribly wrong. I went to the sale rack. And you know when there are days where everything you put on suits you well? Well this is that day. Eventhough everything was on sale, I could not really afford it. You know you're in trouble when you don't have a lot money to spend on but still manage to buy clothes. Sometimes I'm just embarrassed by myself. Eventually I bought the items and went to the supermarket to buy a lousy croissant just to compensate my expenses. After all this, you'd think that I went straight to the library. No no no, this chick would not listen. While getting my croissant, the bag with my clothes broke, and beside this I was carrying my laptop with my other hand, because it wouldn't fit in my backpack. So yeah I was a mess and it wasn't even noon yet. I called my brother up to see if he was home, he lives 10 minutes walk away from the city, and begged him to study at his place since his place is usually quiet. And that's it. This is where I am right now, supposedly studying.. Still procrastinating.

You can see a few more items if you click on 'read more'.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

ootd | Quick snap

Lately I just like to wear some basic and simple clothes but with a nice necklace attached to it. Today I'm wearing a grey shirt with a H&M hearts necklace which I found in the kids section and combined it with a necklace with stones in it. It says that it's from a brand named 'Trendy'? I'm not familiar with that though.

Anyways have a nice sunday!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

ootd: finally spring

1.H&M sweater  2.H&M high waist short  4. H&M bordeaux vest  5. Fjallraven kanken bag

My ootd for the nice weather today. Even though I was locked up inside to study, I managed to run a few errands so I could enjoy the sun a little bit (talk about procrastination). 

Study essentials

1.Studybook: Mechanics of materials  2.HEMA agenda  3.notebook  4.Texas Instruments GRcalculator  5. iPod nano + Zumreed headphones  6. stationary  7.Primark water bottle  8.Chanel glasses

It's that time again.. exam week. I think most of you guys are locked up inside and sulking/procrastinating as well. It just isn't fair.. just when the weather actually feels like spring and is warm enough to only wear a thin jacket, studybooks are haunting you. Oh well, we can only hope that the weather stays like this.. For all of you who have exams coming up as well, GOOD LUCK!

Here are some of my study essentials. Obviously, text/studybooks are essential. I like to study/practice for my upcoming exam in a new notebook, to have everything in order. Another essential is my calculator! I can't do anything without it. It contains my formulas and just little notes on how to handle certain exercises. Few pens/pencils and erasers are quite handy as well. A kinda stupid thing I do is ALWAYS write with dark blue ballpoint pen. Otherwise I just can't.. Not just blue but dark blue. Yeah I'm picky concerning my pen choice. Black fineliner I can tolerate. Some sticky notes for important pages, my glasses, an agenda to mark up my study plan, ipod nano for music and probably most important.. water bottle! Remember you must hydrate yourself throughout studying otherwise you'll just  dry yourself out. I don't know if it's true but sipping water from time to time actually helps me to concentrate more. 

Anyways, do you have other study essentials? Comment below, I'd like to hear some :)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ootd | Into the wild

1.Sluijs Leder bag  2.Pull & Bear vest  3.Primark grey tee  4.Primark black skinny

Today I'm wearing some basic clothes to go to uni but added a dash of pink on my lips. This vest/sweater is perfect for spring which I bought yesterday on my shopping frenzy. Hope you like my kinda last minute outfit. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HAUL | Shop cravings

Lately I have been having these shop cravings and this was one of them! I found the blouse in Primark and I fell in love with it immediately. Other things I bought was a water bottle, basic grey shirt, black jeans and a high waisted jean (which I was so happy with but ended up buying a size too small.. -_-)

Anyways, I've been buying too much lately! I am kinda tired of my overloaded closet, so I'm thinking of selling my clothes or maybe open a webshop? What do you think about that? It will probably take a lot of time and effort to do it, so I'd like to make certain that there are some interest in it.
Since you probably don't know what stuff I have, I'll take pictures of some items I want to get rid off soon!


Personal | Stand still & look pretty

I can't resist taking photos on showmodels of Macbook/Mac that are public and open to people. I don't even use photobooth on my own mac that often. But anyways my friend, Aron and I had to wait for another friend to have some dinner and go see a movie. Why not spend some time at a electronics store? Here are some goofy pictures we took. 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Personal | Lomo what?

Diana pictures are made by Roz
Here are the Diana pictures as I promised! If you never heard of lomography, you'd probably think why are these pictures so messed up. But don't worry, these are done this way on purpose. It's supposed to be artsy and it gives a romantic old feel to it which I like.. So what do you think of lomography? yay or nay?


Saturday, April 6, 2013

ootd | back on track

1.F21 necklace  2.Primark blouse  3. Mango jacket

This is what I wore yesterday when I met up with some old friends! We had dinner and went to watch Silver Linings Playbook (finally). I finally have more time since exams are coming, but at least no deadlines. And I managed to print some Paris photos that are made by Roz with her diana. They turned out so well! I'll post them later on. 

Have a nice weekend! 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's keeping me busy?

aahh I haven't managed to take a good outfit shot of the first days of april! I was so busy with uni and still am.. but after tomorrow it will get quieter. Anyways I thought I'd let you know what's up.

This week are the open days on my university (Technical University of Delft) so they put out a lot of cool drawings you'll learn to draw in the first year. I still have mine somewhere in my room, is there any interest in seeing them? If there is, let me know in the comments. Then I can do a post about my school etc.


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