Monday, May 27, 2013

ootd | Sisters

Yesterday the weather was okay and my sister and I took some pictures, bc my brother bought a new lens for his camera. So I took advantage of using the lens :) I wasn't wearing anything fabulous though..

Anyways, I was at church and while we're having lunch, we talked about an aquantaince of ours. She was a 'fashion'blogger and was getting quite famous in Indonesia for it. Then someone asked me "why don't you have a fashionblog?" In my mind I thought "But I do have one" but my mouth said "I don't know" and was acting like I don't really care about blogging stuff. Whyyyy do I always feel uncomfortable when someone I know personally, is actually reading this stuff? or just knowing that I own a blog? I mean I've never really said to someone 'Hey I have a blog go check it out' in a normal convo. But it's not that I hide it either.. I just put a link somewhere on my instagram profile or such and when people find out, they find out. I think most of my friends found out after one month or so?
For all you bloggers out there.. How do you cope with it? Am I alone on this?


Sunday, May 26, 2013

haul | Audrey Catburn

How do you like my new tote bag? Isn't it awesomee I love Audrey Hepburn and cats haha
Bought this in Primark for only 4 euros.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Personal | Chaos

In times of chaos, I find my rest drinking tea.. And now drinking tea is getting much cuter! How cute is this mug I got a few days back. I bought at a chinese store which was closing, so I got this for only 3,50 euros. It's my new favorite mug. Anyways, I wanted to show you my latest Primark haul.. But I've lost my SDcard somewhere in my room.. And I tried to use another SD card but my laptop won't recognize the card.. arrghh.  Frustrations. I will resolve it soon, so prepare for another Primark haul!


Monday, May 20, 2013

haul | Pitching today?

H&M tee
 I'm backk with a little haul post.. I gave in as well. I bought this well famous (at least around my friends) soccer tee for 9,95 euros at H&M. I couldn't decide which color to buy, so I bought this white one and a black with white stripes one as well. The fit is a bit off but if you tuck it in then you're ready to go!

x J.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Personal | what are you looking at?

I've been pretty busy and stressed out lately.. so that's why I don't have posted anything lately.. 
But this is a cool picture I took of a dog in the tram on my way to the city. 
Anyways I have to decide which minor I'm going to take. And I really don't know if I should take a minor that will be just fun and I really like to do or a minor that will actually be useful for later in my study. What do you think?

I'll post some outfit/fashion related stuff soon!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

ootd | Headless shot

1.Pull&Bear neclace  2.Pieces grey top  3.Nelly ombre jacket

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Personal | Bike store or coffee house?

Where to fix your bike better than at Lola's? This awesome place it's a bike / coffee house. You can let them fix your bike and drink yummy coffee or just drink some coffee and eat cake! Except for that you can buy clothes, bikes and books as well. I love the interior and the concept of this store, more pictures are seen below! 

I hope I can follow 'Retail design' for my minor next year, so I can design awesome concepts for storesas well! It was numerus fixus so fingers crossed!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Haul | Queensday findings

Translation of the chalkboard: "Type loveletters for free" 
Kids earning money on the streets

1. flowy trench coat  2. Shell necklace  3. golden chain  
4.studded bracelet  5. rotan black with gold clasp bag

It's a little bit late to show my flea market haul on queensday but hey it's here now! On queensday, April 30th, I got up with my friend really early and took our bikes to head out to see the fleamarket. It's a Dutch tradition for all people to sell their old stuff on a blanket in front of their homes or streets. So I made use of it and bought this awesome trench for 5euros, which was still in perfect condition and perfect for spring! The unique black bag with a rotan look caught my eye even when it was like 5meters away of me with people everywhere around me. And the lady sold it to me for only 1.50 euros. At another stand I bought the jewelry for about 1 euro as well. The shell necklace made me think of my childhood favorite disney character, Ariel. Well that was it.. Hope you enjoyed this belated post!
Tomorrow is 'hemelvaart' day so I have a day off of uni! So I have a couple plans planned, see you in a next post!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Personal | new hair

I was pretty bored yesterday, so I decided to use my already bought 'L'oreal preferences wild ombre' dye kit. And rthis is the outcome.. Too bad that it didn't get lighter than this at the ends, but I'm still happy with it. Especially for just trying out to see what it would look like.. Maybe one day I'll do it at a hairsalon. I love lighter hair in the summer, can't wait for summer!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

ootd | ombre jacket

1. Ombre jacket  2.H&M boyfriend jeans  3. Zara heels

I've been eyeing this ombre fake leather jacket for months but thought that it was still expensive on Last week I was just browsing though webshops and found it on sale on Nelly! I was so happy and psyched I immediately ordered it. It was from 70 euros to 30 euros. You can't beat that! This is a quick ootd of me wearing the jacket. Can't wait to style it with other clothes.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty | Farewell to fifty wishes

Where I was still relatively happy with my eyelashes
Here you can see how horrible it looked (right eye) and the other one after being pulled on

I've been through hell with my eyes. It is the biggest mistake I've made in 2013 so far.. I was with my friend and she was doing her lashes. She wanted to have eyelash extensions which means that it will be semi-permenant (for about 3 weeks). Me without really thinking joined her. Who wouldn't want perfect long eyelashes? And it costs about 25 euros.

Lesson 1: Google the price of salons where they do this as well. I learned that this the price I paid is ridicousily cheap compared to the prices of salons. I did it with a lady who comes at your home.

Lesson 2: Try to find reviews of the lady where you're planning to go. Or see pictures of other customers. Now, I didn't know anything since I just followed my friend.. She had seen it on a friend of hers.. What your friends likes do NOT automatically means that you'll like it!

When she was done with my eyelashes, I was happy with it. I had perfect eyelashes from the front. I didn't realize how fake it looked from above. A day later, some people said it looked nice and I noticed that they all thought that I used fake eyelash-strips. Which was not true, cause she put individual eyelashes on me. This was where I started to realize that it shouldn't look like a strip, it should be natural and blend in with your own eyelashes. This is where it bothered me more. The day afterwards I tried to make it appear more natural but failed and it began to itch more throughout the day, so I tried to take it off. The lady said that it can be taken off with just oil, but I can tell you that it wasn't easy.. After struggling for a few hours I looked up on google and read and saw pictures of good eyelash extension application, it definitely didn't look the same as mine! And even went to see salons nearby where they do it and saw how the apply it.. It looked a lot more professional. I should've known better when she used a plastic spoon to apply the glue.. With a sad face and a plan to go to the salon I went to bed. The next day I woke up with a slightly swollen eye on the left. I was so fed up with it, but my eyelashes actually felt better because the previous day I applied oil on it. But I was still bothered with it and want it OFF my face as soon as possible. Unfortunately I didn't make it to go to the salon because of projects and workshops at uni. At home I googled one more time for bad eyelash extensions and then I knew for certain that I have been fooled at. The lady applied wayyy too much glue on the eyelashes. No wonder that it couldn't get off my face. Anyway I was determined to get it off today, because I wouldn't have any time tomorrow and I have a birthday as well.. So I grabbed my makeup remover based on oil and stood in front of a mirror for over 3 hours to take it off. I didn't care how much it hurt.
It hurt like hell though! It felt like a cat is scraping my eyes out. I didn't even care how much eyelashes I'll lose.. As long as I can rub my eye without stinging my eye with the rockhard fake eyelashes.

I've lost about fifty wishes, fifty eyelashes. But I gained a few lessons...


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