Thursday, August 22, 2013

Style appreciation: Olivia Palermo

You know that you've got it bad when you're staring at someone's hair at 5AM.. Talk about hair envy! In a previous post, I've already mentioned of wanting a new haircut and Olivia's the perfect example of how I really want it. And while I was looking through tumblr searching for her hair, you automatically see her awesome sene of style. If there's one closet I could borrow for one day, it's Palermo's. I love how she could match a designer's brand with just another item from Zara or H&M and how she looks so effortless put together. You'd probably know her as the 'fashion bitch' from The City, but really after seeing her in many interviews and other videos, I think she's really sweet. It was just an act she had to put on. Anyway, this is probably the haircut I want to get, it's not really short yet not long. So if you see me in a future post with completely different hair.. then you'd know that the trip to the hairdresser went bad.

PS.: Yesterday I went shopping and got a "few" items I'd like to show you! So stay tuned for that! I hope to post it asap.



  1. OMG hoe dun is ze!

    Ik vind dat ze er altijd prachtig uitziet. Ik wou dat ik er elke dag helemaal van top tot teen gestyled uitzag... Maar dat zit er niet haha. Maar van mij mag ze best wat aankomen hoor pfff. Enge dunne beentjes.

    1. hahaha ja ze heeft inderdaad weinig vlees in haar beentjes :P Thanks voor je comment! xx

  2. Haar en een stijl om jaloers op te worden inderdaad!
    Ben benieuwd naar je aankopen!

    1. Ja I envy her :'). Thanks voor je comment, de aankopen staan al online!


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