Thursday, October 3, 2013

TALK | Let's get personal

Something different than the usual outfit or haul post right? I thought it is time to get personal again.
These are pictures of my family and I. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and we thought that since the weather has been nice lately, a family picture on a big canvas would be nice as a gift for him. Of course without my dad knowing for what the photoshoot actually was. So we asked a friend of my brothers to take the pictures. I think they turned out well, what do you think?

Looking at these pictures I feel blessed, although we have our own family issues, I feel lucky to have loving parents,sister and brothers. Even when they called me a 'goth' for wearing dark lipstick. I can't believe at how much love can heal, especially at what we have been through this year, with the 'breaking in our home' and stuff. You can read more about it in this post. I wouldn't have thought back then that we would be jumping and laughing a few months after the happening. Maybe it has brought us more together and it was all a lesson for us to appreciate the love we have for each other. I hope that when things get rough, I will look at these pictures and remember the fun we had while shooting it. And that my family will do the same..



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