Thursday, April 3, 2014

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First of all, if you haven't eaten yet I'm sorry for showing you guys this beautiful meal of art with perfectly sliced beef, fresh and colourful vegetables.

I love taking pictures and I love food, so taking pictures of food takes my loving to a whole new level. And so I would like to present to you my new favourite place to eat without feeling guilty! It's called 'Greenbowl' located in The Hague, Netherlands. I like to call it a saladbar and I think it's one of the first ones in The Netherlands (at least in the Hague). You can order from a menu or create your own salad. The best part is that the toppings/fillings for your salad are unlimited. They have all these superfoods, like goji berries and such as special toppings as well. And how cute are those boxes they serve the salads in! The price ranges from 5euros to 12euros depending on if you want meat, chicken or an omelette with it. I had a small box with beef and I man was I stuffed. You'd be surprised at how fast you actually feel stuffed.

If you're in the neighbourhood of the Hague, you should definitely try it out!
You won't regret it, the owners are nice and the place has a cute atmosphere.
You can check their facebook here for more information!

Are you a salad person?


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  1. This sounds like such a cute restaurant. And the food looks amazing and so fresh. I also love to take pictures of food. :)


  2. Oh wauw, dit ziet er heerlijk uit zeg! Ga dit zeker eens proberen :)

  3. Je hebt helemaal gelijk! Loveee food!

  4. Krijg direct trek, haha! Maar wat ziet het er leuk uit daar! XO

  5. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! We invite you to visit my blog :) kisses! ;)

  6. Ziet er leuk uit, die ga ik onthouden voor als ik weer in Den Haag ben!

  7. Wauw! Dit ziet er echt heeerlijk uit!
    With love,


    | |

  8. Oh dat ziet er zo lekker uit! Ik hou wel van salades!

  9. Hey wat leuk dat je over ons hebt geblogt! Je kan echt super leuk schrijven zeg! Onze facebook pagina is trouwens Hoop jullie weer snel te zien ^^

  10. OMG! My tastebuds need this! ;P

    ♥ | | xoxo


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