Friday, May 16, 2014

Travel | Three days in Swiss

As some of you may know, I was in Swiss last week, which was one of the reasons of me being MIA here. Another reason is that I'm in this blogging funk, where I don't have any inspiration to post something. I think it's better to don't post something forced or just because you have to. So I'm keeping this blog on a lower activity! Hope you guys can understand.

Now back to my little trip to Swiss, Geneva specifically. I must say I have enjoyed the city and the water is really beautiful (eventhough it looks very grey, because of the filter I used on the photos), but I wouldn't go longer than that to visit. It was soooo expensive. Like unbelievably expensive. I thought that Stockholm was bad, but Swiss was worse. To give an example. A burgerking meal costs about 15 euros! Here, in the Netherlands it would be about 6 euros? But some things were still affordable. While I was there I was really mesmerised by the mountains and the view! I've never really been into wintersports, so I didn't have any desire to go to the mountains and catch some snow. But seeing the beautiful mountains, which I could look at for hours, I definitely want to go see.
Overall, it was a nice experience to visit Swiss for a little while and to take some great shots!

Talk to you soon! You can see some more pictures below


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  1. Wauw, hele mooie foto's! Daar zou ik ook wel heen willen haha. :-)

    xo Liesbeth

  2. Zwitserland is echt heel erg mooi! Maar inderdaad duur :( XO

  3. Wow! The picture on the stairs is very very cute!

  4. I love Geneva ♥ is do multi-culture!!

  5. The first picture is breathtaking... This is wonderful! xx

  6. The last picture is awesome!



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