Monday, November 3, 2014

PERSONAL | Back from the dead!

Yes this post is about Halloween and yes it's also about me returning from the dead to blogging!
Since I'm a big fan of the Walking Dead, it isn't too difficult of a decision what I wanted to be for Halloween. A 'walker' ofcourse! Or a zombie as they call it as well. But since I was so busy with my uni the past couple weeks (more like months) I didn't really have time to prepare my costume for a Halloween costume party. So I decided to be a Farmer Bob 'walker'. And I must say it's not bad for a 2 hour work of magic! And glueing toiletpaper on my face to make wounds never have been so much fun.

Did you go out for trick or treating?

Anyway, my lonely days in the library till 12AM are gone and my hands are itching again to do some blogging and working on some new projects. Good to be back :)

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