Sunday, November 26, 2017

“Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?” ― Sigmund Freud

So it's been a while, in fact it has been over a year already since I've updated this blog. And I've decided long ago not to be focused too much on what this blog used to be, fashion/lifestyle blog or whatever you would call it. I've noticed that actually posting about fashion, makes me lose my own sense of style. You always want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion and keep up, but when is the time for refining your style? Ever since I don't have the urge to post something new about the latest fashion, I am more aware of my own sense of style, what I like and don't. But the one thing that I truly miss, is the writing. I miss the outlet that I had with blogging of just writing. Believe me at uni, I do a lot of writing but I guess I just miss writing about my personal life and all that sorts of talks that big adults should think about. Some would say "Just get a freaking dairy, nobody cares". And it's probably true.. But there's something that's truly alluring to me in giving your thoughts a place on the internet for anybody to read, to misinterpret, to disagree, or to do anything about it. I just enjoy it. I find it often hard to express myself verbally, I can start telling stories from B to A to never even mentioning the C. My thoughts are always everywhere, which is sometimes super frustrating for people around me but especially for myself. I learned to deal with it better by time, but one of the ways to get my thoughts in order is by putting it out here.

For the fashionreaders out there, I'm probably going to post less about the latest fashiontrends and more about personal things that I find important. And really more about discovering, developing and understanding myself and people in general. In case you haven't been busy doing it, it's time to start! Let's follow the journey together. 

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