Monday, May 27, 2013

ootd | Sisters

Yesterday the weather was okay and my sister and I took some pictures, bc my brother bought a new lens for his camera. So I took advantage of using the lens :) I wasn't wearing anything fabulous though..

Anyways, I was at church and while we're having lunch, we talked about an aquantaince of ours. She was a 'fashion'blogger and was getting quite famous in Indonesia for it. Then someone asked me "why don't you have a fashionblog?" In my mind I thought "But I do have one" but my mouth said "I don't know" and was acting like I don't really care about blogging stuff. Whyyyy do I always feel uncomfortable when someone I know personally, is actually reading this stuff? or just knowing that I own a blog? I mean I've never really said to someone 'Hey I have a blog go check it out' in a normal convo. But it's not that I hide it either.. I just put a link somewhere on my instagram profile or such and when people find out, they find out. I think most of my friends found out after one month or so?
For all you bloggers out there.. How do you cope with it? Am I alone on this?


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