Friday, September 13, 2013

Personal | Educational shopping in Antwerp

I'm finally posting some photos I took of Antwerp. The excursion to Antwerp was a lot of fun yet a torture at the same time. We got to see some really cool stores u and I definitely will keep the walking route.. But we didn't got the opportunity to shop. I actually didn't really had the time to 'look' at the products, I was looking at the interior too much. Our assignment was to take pictures of things you want to focus on in the interior/retail design. I was focusing on 'lights', so I had a lot of boring pictures but there are some really cool stores in Antwerp that I have to take pictures of.

By the way, you wouldn't guess how many times people were asking us NOT to take pictures, because they were scared that you'd steal the design even if you explained them you're just a student. So when my friend and I left the main group and went on our own, we just pretended to be a stereotypical tourists from Asia with cameras and acted confused when they asked us not to take pictures.. I guess being Asian and all can come handy sometimes.


for more pictures click below!

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