Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Personal | New hair, don't care!

H&M leather jacket, Pieces top, Monki jeans, Forever21 necklace
Two days ago was the day I finally did it.. I chopped off my hair! And I'm currently still liking it! My hair was too long to function properly, except if you wave it. And now it feels light and fresh. I think it's the shortest haircut I've had in a while.. The last time I can think of was in 8th grade. So this is my new do, I hope you like it! These pictures were taken after I got rained on, so my hair is a bit flat.. but it looks better in the morning!



  1. staat je goed! net alsof je nu een hele andere haarkleur hebt! XO

  2. Staat je echt mooi! Warme kleur ook! X

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  4. love this outfit :) some of my favorite and gray ^_^ keep in touch nice blog :)

    Joyce @

  5. Wow! Prachtig!!

    Ik volg je op Bloglovin ♥



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