Thursday, June 26, 2014

HAUL | Spontaneous Primark shopping!

When I go Primark shopping on a mission to buy certain clothes/stuff, it usually ends up disappointing and results in stuff I don't really need or really like. But when I don't really plan to go to Primark but just happens to past by with a friend, the best things are found which is really bad for my wallet.
So I didn't really plan to go to Primark, but I do needed those shoe liners for my Flyknits, so I decided to go there for a quick second.. Which as you probably can guess took a bit longer than a second.

First thing I found and fell head over heels is this marble/see-through striped cropped shirt. And yes, I did bought two of them.. Because I couldn't decide to have it in my normal size or a size up. I'm crazy like that. It was 8euros though, so it wasn't that bad of a decision. Next item I found was this blouse which reminds me of 'batik' and thought it would be cute for the summer with a white short or skirt. This was a bit pricey though for Primark, 14 euros. When I saw these heels I couldn't decide which to take. I have a wedding ceremony to attend to but still don't have the dress, so I thought white strappy heels are usually safe same goes for the black strappy heels, plus they're super cute! Each was 15euros. The last few items are just some basic necessities I thought I should have. The pink bag arm bracelet is for me to attempt to run outside and get some cardio outdoors. Hope it will help me.

What do you think of this Primark haul?
(sorry for the inconsistency of the colours on the pictures, I edited it on my iPhone (yes I changed my phone, finally!) which made it hard to match all pictures)

x J. 


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