Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Personal | Pretbord! for HEMA

As I've already said in a previous post. I got nominated for the HEMA design competition, I can win a sum of money and on top of that it can be produced! In order to win, I need votes! So what's my design about?

PRETBORD (in Dutch it means funplate)
A plate for kids to eat their meal with veggies in a fun and creative way.
The mother can slice up the ingredients and the child can create their own artwork. Because the child engages with the food, they will become familiar with it and will most likely eat the food sooner.

You can vote for me here:

The voting ends 13 July

Don't forget to confirm the vote on your mail!
Thank you so much and wish my luck!

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  1. Dat is echt heel erg schattig zeg! Ik heb gestemd ^^


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