Sunday, September 20, 2015

VIDEO | What's in my backpack?

Yass another video for you guys. I'm on a roll! Today's video is a "What's in my backpack?" video. I've wanted to do this for a while but never really gotten into it. I hope you like the vid since it's a bit different than the usual but I like to be a bit unusual :). 

I've been searching for a nice backpack to replace my Fjallraven kanken one for some variety in my outfits. So it was such a coincidence when people from Marington asked me to do a productreview on one of the many bags they're selling. I came across this suede light grey backpack from MiPac and it's exactly what I was searching for! I was looking for a backpack to carry my stuff if I want to go work on my blog or some project elsewhere. One that I can wear without feeling like a highschool teenager (I'm referring to the times when I went to highschool myself, not to the kids nowadays looking much older than they are). This model is quite simple which I like and the light grey color makes any outfit look more clean. The suede material differentiate the backpack from other backpacks and makes it more expensive looking.

The only thing is that I like wearing backpacks that look like they've been worn for several years or that they've been through a firestorm. And this backpack is still a little bit stiff, so I need to break it in. I've been wearing this bag for several days now and so far it's getting less stiff which I'm happy about. I'll be showing you how I style this backpack in a future post soon!

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X J.

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