Monday, September 28, 2015

PLOG | Little thing called regret

Today I went to Rotterdam to do high tea for my friend's birthday at 100m high. Which isn't really high compared to other buildings in countries like the States but here where almost everything is flat, it makes quite a nice view. I was quite surprised at the pastries we got, it was quite good for the price of €19 and was satisfied. It got more expensive though when we entered the Euromast, you have to pay €9,50 to enter the exhibit. The entrance fee made it not worthy (I'm a cheapskate). That's why I was so bummed out afterwards that I didn't film anything to at least make the most out of it. I forgot my camera because I was in a hurry and was already running late. I didn't think of filming on my phone at that time.. 

But things happen and I tend to get too hung up on that sort of things. Like I shouldn't have said that instead I should've.. Blablablaa. It's kind of frustrating that it keeps on running in your head and you can't really help it, so that's why you have to write this post at 2AM. And this is just another case of something called regret.

So the lesson I've learned today is to never forget to bring your camera.
Yes, even if it's going to the bathroom. (Just kidding..don't bring it inside, it makes people uncomfortable. Unless you use your phone as a camera..)

To make me feel better here are some pictures of today. 

Have you ever experienced something similar as well?


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