Tuesday, December 15, 2015

VIDEO | VLOG #2 Visiting Maokong, Taipei

Finally it's here! a second vlog! This vlog should've been online about two weeks ago, but due to some 'technical' difficulties (my laptop wouldn't recognise my phone) it was delayed.
So two weeks ago I went to see Maokong in the Maokong gondola. The gondola is known for their transparent cabins, the crystal cabins. You'll be able to see below you while riding the gondola. So you have a great view of everything. Since it was nice weather, my friend Christina and I decided to go see this after having our morning coffee. It was such fun and I'd recommend it for those who are visiting Taipei to get a perfect view of the city. 

Enjoy this beautiful view with me in this vlog!

x J.

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  2. this place is amazing..thanks for sharing


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