Saturday, March 16, 2013

ootd & personal | Reunion

1. River Island blazer  2. Monki top 3. Zara necklace

Yesterday was a fun day. I get to sleep in (yaay) and in the evening I went out with my old classmates of my senior year of high school. I see some of them quite often and speak with them on a daily basis and others I haven't seen for three years. Which actually isn't that long of time, but seriously some people change fast! I've never been the tall one, but yesterday was really disturbingly uncool. I felt like a midget. An asian midget. Some of the guys grew so much! I guess that the boys still grew after high school, besides that Dutch boys tend to be tall. 

I didn't wear anything fancy, because we just arranged to have some dinner at an casual Italian place and have some drinks afterwards. I had some trouble with the autofocus of my camera, so I couldn't take a proper full outfit post. You can see my top half though.

Shot with the girls who came to the reunion, unfortunately not all the girls could come.

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  1. The reunion looks fun c:
    The last picture shows
    alot of love!



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