Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some kicks and boba galore

Yesterday was one of my rare day off, because of good friday. I decided to head out early to make full use out of it! So I met up with my friend, Roz, to the cinema in the morning. We went to see the Host, which was an 'okay' movie, better than Twilight definitely. The actrice was actually quite good. Only some unlogical 'it doesn't make any sense' and 'too cheesy to make it believable' scenes.

And then we went shopping. I finally bought new sneakers! I've been contemplating to buy these Nike janoski's but never got to try them on until yesterday, because it isn't available in regular sneakershops. I wanted to buy black suede with white nike logo on, but it wasn't in stock anymore.. I'm still planning to buy it though.

Next, we went to drink some boba, or bubble tea as they call it. It was a small shop/cafe where you can sit in front of the window and 'find wally'. Roz and I spent quite some time entertaining ourselves with Wally. If you haven't heard of the hype boba, you'd better find some because it's quite booming! It's a drink, usually tea with some fruit or milky flavour where they add tapioca balls (original) or some popping boba, balls which will pop in your mouth with some fruit liquid. 
If you live in the Netherlands and you want to try it out, there's a good one in Rotterdam called 'yoyo' and they sell froyo as well! (Now that here is my favorite snack) And if you want to drink boba while finding Wally, you can go to '8tea5' in the Hague. 

Anyways that's it for my little rambling and I wish you a happy easter in advance!


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  1. Ahh toff je Janoski's!! Ik wil ook nog steeds een paar haha.


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