Friday, March 8, 2013

Personal | Going to Paris

As you may have read in my previous post, I am finally going to Paris, in a few hours. I'm so excited to leave and just enjoy my weekend there. I'm going with a friend of mine, Roz, with a bustour straight from the Hague to Paris. We made use of a Groupon deal, which is 80 euros per person for 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast. Definitely a bargain! And we even get to tour with the bus through Paris. So I've been there a couple times with my parents, but I can't wait to enjoy Paris on my own.


1. Fjallraven Kanken bag  2.iPad  3.Reading glasses 4.Study materials 5.Superdry Pencil case

1.Sluis Leder bag 2.Wetties 3.Sunglasses 4. Wallet 5.Reading glasses 6. Rituals' body lotion 7.Revlon's lipgloss 8. Fisherman's fresh pepermints 9. Bag 10. Pen and weekplanner.


  1. Love the post!! Enjoy, safe trip and see you soon! mwhuax

    1. Thanks Jana!! Volgende keer met zn allen :)

  2. Gaaf dat je naar Parijs gaat, veel plezier :).
    Ik kwam je blog tegen op het Ellegirl forum en ben je nieuwe volger!

    1. Thanks Lana! Het was zeker leuk
      en jij hebt ook een volger bij! :D


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