Friday, June 14, 2013

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H&M polka/triangle dress,  H&M ankle boots

I have been busy with school these days, but I keep procrastinating my homework and keep avoiding  my laptop where I'll be confronted with the amount of work.. sigh so now I'm staying up late to work o my deadline.. woohoo story of my life. Anyways, a few posts ago I asked some advice on my minor and applied for first choice Retail Design where you needed to deliver a motivation letter and a second choice Economics,Law&Justice as a plan B. Well today I got notified that I got selected for my first choice! I don't really know how I feel about it, a part of me is so excited that my motivation letter actually was good and got selected, and another part of me is kinda scared of making the wrong decision.. I hope I won't regret it. At least I'm definitely excited to have the faculty of architecture as my 'homebase' for the minor. I love the building and look forward to study there and meet lots of new people. 

One last thing, for those who have had their final exams and are now graduated.. Congratulations! You have made it! Now you are at the stage where you have always dreamed of when you were little, but will be surprised at how much you will miss the earlier days.. Just kidding. I'm getting too old.


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