Saturday, June 8, 2013

ootd | Monki Business

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam and had a shopping spree with Roz. The weather was so hot outside, but we still made it through the day with some smoothies and bubble tea (for me: aloe vera tea). I wore a long boyfriend jeans with boots and a black tshirt.. But I was hella sweaty and hot, I had to buy a dress and change myself right into it.. So that was my first purchase. Afterwards we went to a few shops that weren't really interesting and then we stopped at Monki.. They had a lot of good sales. And two of them I'm wearing now.. A turqouise/blue cropped blouse and a high waisted capri pants. Each for 15euros. Definitely worth the money. I bought another highwaisted jeans and a shear blouse at Monki as well. Those ones were 15 euros too, such a steal!

Anyways I'm heading towards a party and will probably wear somethinge else.. so see you tomorrow in a next ootd post!



  1. Ooh looking good!Die kleur blauw staat mooi bij je haarkleur. :) Soraya


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