Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haul | Foot issues

If you frequently read fashionblogs or follow bloggers on instagram, you'd probably know the huge trend of ankle strap heels, especially the Zara ones are highly on demand. I have fallen for the trend as well, I love the feminine look of it with especially with baggy pants/jeans. Unfortunately.. I have some issues with my feet. My feet are of average feet but are quite wide and my big toes are of shorter length. These combined made me really conscious of my feet. So is this trend something for me?
Me being a salehunter couldn't resist the temptation when a similar ankle strap heel at Zara was on sale for 15euros! So I bought a black one.. and a nude one. Now the question is.. Will I wear them? I don't want to end up like Kim Kardashian wearing her heels with bloated feet. (You remember that picture?) I searched up some people with similar heels on and like someone with a feet fetish, zoomed in on their feet and toes. And you know what? It actually looked similar as my own! Now I only need the guts to wear them.


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  1. Leuk, zo'n filmpje. Ik vind de zwarte heel erg mooi. Alleen ik kan gewoon niet op hakken lopen dus hoef ik ze ook niet te kopen :(.


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