Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ootd | Sparkle up your summer!

Club L sequined bra, Primark top, H&M shorts

First day of summer break feels like summer already! And what better way to celebrate it with some sparks? I'm wearing the sequined bra I got from my friend and paired it with a flowy top from Primark, since the weather is so hot this week. This summer is going to be a different than usual. My plan this time is to work on myself and become the best of me (yeah i know cheesy right?), but I do believe I need to grow up and understand who I am, what I want to become and basically just to know what I want with my life, now that I'm 21 and on my last year of my bachelor. In terms of health (who's in with me to shed some of that extra pounds?), to work on my drawings (eventhough I study industrial design, you'd be surprised at how little time I put in drawing these days) and designing/sewing skills (The last time I properly touched a sewing machine was probably in my junior year of high school) .. I miss doing all of that. So lots to do in the summer! So do you have any plans for the summer?



  1. Gaaf zo met die bh eronder! Bedankt trouwens voor je leuke comment op mijn blog :). Ik ga deze zomer lekker veel aan mijn blog werken en mijn sieradenshop weer nieuw leven in blazen!

    1. thank! dat zijn ook goede plannen ;) Heb je een sieradenshop :O ik ben benieuwd!

  2. cool t-shirt, so pretty

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  3. Je beha staat hier echt geweldig bij. :) x

  4. Leuke top! Ik ben je nieuwste volger! XO

  5. such a lovely outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  6. Wauw echt een super leuke outfit!


  7. Die bh staat er echt heel leuk onder het topje!

  8. Leuk gecombineerd! Het topje heeft echt een mooi printje :)


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