Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Liebster award!

Jen from Charming Silence nominated me for the Liebster award! So what is it all about? It's a way for new bloggers to get their blog more noticed to the blogging community. And a fun way to add new blogs for your blog reading list!

The Rules:
1. You must link the blogger who nominated you
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by your nominee
3. You must choose 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award (under 200 followers)
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5. Once you have done this, you must go to their blogs & let them know you have nominated them

My answers to Jen's questions:
1. What is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is to go to NYC and walk through central park and manhattan. Or San Francisco. I'm more of a city sightseeing person than a tropical beach person.

2. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Can I be both? I don't consider myself as a huge animal lover, but I do melt when I see cats and dogs walking by. Especially the little furry ones. We have one cat named Kitty and a dog Shizy (sisi) the billionaire. The cat was actually a stray. He kept coming to our house and eventually we took him in, so the name was actually not intentional. We didn't choose the name for the dog as well, we were on a holiday in Indonesia and my mom couldn't leave this dog at the pet shop, so after a lot of tests and filling in papers Sisi was brought to the Netherlands.

3. Why did you start your blog?
When I was little I always liked to design websites at those free websitemakers for fun. It used to be dedicated to my favorite celebrities and later on it went to my favorite tv shows (korean dramas), kpop and everything korean, even their fashion. Currently I'm less obsessed with those things but gotten lot more focused on fashion and all things pretty, I guess I want to show the world  So I started this for fun actually :)

4. Where do you get fashion/beauty inspiration?
I mostly get inspiration from other bloggers and YouTubers. An easy way to get inspiration is Tumblr as well for more artsy stuff. Current favorite inspirations (just a few) are Jules from Sincerely Jules, Claire from HeyClaire, Aimee from Song of style, Stephanie & Melissa from The Fashion Citizen and Jen from Clothes Encounters.

5. What is one trend you hope never goes out of style?
Most definitely skinny jeans, another more trendy trend I wish never to go out of style is the high waist!

6. What is your go-to summer nail polish?
This summer I like to wear a white/pinkish color from The Face Shop.

7. What is your favorite splurge item (fashion or makeup)?
I currently don't have a favorite splurge item.. But if I have to choose than I'd choose my Arbor Skateboard.

8. Shoes or handbags?
I guess I have to choose shoes!

9. Who is your blogging inspiration?
My blogging inspirations are actually the same as my fashion/beauty inspirations..

10. Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
A chai tea latte doesn't count as a tea right? :P Then I'd have to choose for coffee, allthough I like to drink mint tea occasionally as well.

The nominees for the Liebster award:
-Lana at Laantje
-Jana at Janaavb
-Linsey at Sparks & Fairytales
-Anna at Anna Chen
-Judith at Another way of blogging
-Lisa & Stephanie at Les deux moiselles
-Josie at Maryjosie
-Ellen at el-eventh
-Stephanie at Stephanie's styleblog
-Soraya at Soraya schrijft

Questions for the nominees:
1. Are you more of a chocolate person or crisps person?
2. What's your favorite tv show?
3. Why did you start your blog?
4. Where do you get fashion/beauty inspiration?
5. What is one trend you hope never goes out of style?
6. Is there an accessory you always wear?
7. What is your favorite splurge item (fashion or makeup)?
8. What do you like to wear more? Heels or flats/sneakers?
9. What's your dreamjob?
10. What's your favorite food?



  1. I'm so happy you did this!I hope the high-waisted silhouette never goes out of style either. It allows me to eat those extra cookies and not worry ;)

  2. Lief dat je mij getagd hebt en thanks voor je leuke comment op m'n blog!
    Ik ga gelijk de vragen beantwoorden en een artikel maken :).

  3. Super leuk dat je me getagd hebt! :) Ik ga ermee aan de slag en dan komt m'n artikel morgen online. x


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