Friday, July 5, 2013

HAUL | My conscience is eating me..

Zara sequined stripes &  flowers crop top, Bershka shoes with transparant heel, Club L sequined bra (from


Yes, i know I bought some more stuff in sale.. I just couldn't leave this crop top at Zara for only 19euros and the shoes as well. They have a transparant heel to it, so different and the bra.. I've wanted these sooo bad after I've seen it on Hannelli, it was so beautiful, especially for in the summer and now I own on myself. This one was a present from a friend by the way, so it doesn't really count as a new purchase.. right?

Anyways, I cleaned out my closet, I think a month ago? But haven't got rid of them. I usually just throw them in a container specially for old clothes that go to the salvation army or the 'Leger des Heils' as they would call it here in the Netherlands. When I wanted to get rid of them, I remembered the H&M conscious ad. You could hand in bags of old clothes at your local H&M and get 15% voucher. What a deal! H&M will recycle the clothes for you to use the textile for new clothes. So my sister helped me and we brought four bags and got 2 vouchers each. . We still have a lot of bags left.. Eventhough I'm really happy with my vouchers, I am really skeptical about doing this. I remember, I think three years ago, an article about bags full of H&M clothes with holes in them (on purpose), in front of a H&M store. They destroyed leftover clothes. The reason for it is as I read on is that 

 if they donate the clothes to a discount retailer like Goodwill, customers will be less willing to pay the full price at their stores, or they’ll try to return the clothes for cash, or they’ll lose brand loyalty if they see homeless people wearing sweaters with that logo.

H&M claims that this would be a one time happening, but who could really claim that they won't? So my concern here is that when I hand in my old clothes, who could say that they won't do this filthy business again? Isn't it a bit controversary? If they're so concerned about the environment and being conscious, why don't they just deliver the leftover clothes to charity or recycle the leftover clothes themselves instead of leaving it in the garbage destroyed? But then again, if I knew that this has been going on.. Why do I even bother buying things there? And this goes for every mega-chain stores, why bother? I haven't made up my mind yet. My hopes goes for it to be true what H&M claims, that this stuff is over and they really do contribute to the environment and not only saying they do. I guess that I want to believe that such a mega-chain could exist. 



  1. Wat een prachtige top heb je gekocht! De andere items zijn ook al zo mooi, staat ook tof zo bij elkaar! En ik herken je standpunt helemaal; het is zo lastig tegenwoordig, want als je denkt 'goed' te doen kan er zomaar weer van alles aan de hand zijn. Ondanks veel positieve berichten over de duurzame kant van H&M de laatste tijd ben ik toch ook altijd nog sceptisch over de grote ketens. Meer transparantie over dit soort praktijken zou echt goed zijn, zodat er meer waardering ontstaat voor winkels die het goed aanpakken en minder loyaliteit voor winkels die er niet goed mee omgaan. Ik hoop in ieder geval dat ze die actie op de goede manier uitvoeren inderdaad. Liefs

    PS; ik ben je nieuwste volger. :)

    1. Dank je wel! En ik ben blij te lezen dat ik iig niet de enige ben :D
      Leuke creatieve blog heb jij! x

  2. So much sparkle! Fabulous buys :)

    1. Thanks! I hope I get to wear them soon :)


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