Friday, November 29, 2013

Personal | My latest addiction is Emma approved!

Aside from my interest in fashion, foods and design, I love literature. I love reading all kinds of books but most of all reading sappy love stories with awesome heroes and heroins and just get lost in their world. I can talk for hours about my favourite books. But when it comes to classics that every girl must have read at least once in their lifetime, the books by Jane Austen will win hands down. My favourite books from Jane are Pride & prejudice (of course), Mansfield park and Emma. The heroines are so badass and have a strong/independent personality which at that specific time area were rare. The most controversial character is probably Emma and definitely my favourite gal. I've probably watched and read all adaptations of the book and thought that it couldn't get better than Mr. Knightley being played by Jonny Lee Miller and the movie 'Clueless'.. I am happy to be wrong and add this new so called 'webseries', Emma approved, to the list.

Emma approved is not like other series you know. It's a series on Youtube with 5 minutes lasting episodes. In this series you see Emma shooting a documentary to document her 'greatness', yes she's that conceited ghehe, by doing vlogs. So most of the times you see her talking to the camera with occasionally other people passing by. It took some time to get used to it, but the actors made it all so easy. In this modern adaptation, you see Emma Woodhouse running a matchmaking business with Alex Knightley doing the 'boring' stuff. Emma is vain, full of herself, rich and spoilt which makes her hard to like but beneath it all she has a good heart. And a lot of people who watch it don't really like her.. But that's how she's supposed to be (according to the books) and I think
Joanna Sotomura who plays Emma does a wonderful job at it. I love her facial expressions and her winks. And Brent Bailey takes Mr. Knightley to a whole new level of hottie.

Overall I just love this series and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys! I'm planning to watch 'The Lizzie Bennet Diary' from the same producers as Emma approved as well which has won an Emmy!

For more pictures of the series click below

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