Thursday, November 21, 2013

ootd | Hunger games and Victor Navorski

Last tuesday I went to the Hunger Games marathon at the cinema, they showed the first part followed by the latest one to premiere. The marathon ended at 02:30AM but it was so worth it. I've read the books before the first part was out, so I am quite a 'fan' of the books. I won't spoil the movie for anybody, because I think that's really one of the worst things you can do to a person. But they really did a great job (yet again) at filming it and it really didn't feel like I was watching something for more than 2 hours. So it's definitely worth to check it out! Also if you like reading, try the books as well.

As for my outfit, I wore this new skirt from H&M which got all wrinkled up (sorry about that) and paired it with my plaid blouse from Zara. The coat is from Zara that I got just recently on sale I think it was 30euros. But thanks to my brother I keep seeing Victor Navorski from The Terminal, which I've watched more than six times already because I just love the movie, when I'm wearing this coat. And he's not even wearing one in the movie! You can only see him in his suit most of the time. Although I love the movie, I don't really know if I want to be associated with it.

Anyway, this coat is one of a few coats/jackets I got recently.. A bit of ashamed. But at least you guys can look forward to a '99 problems' post soon.



  1. Oeh ik ga deze week ook naar The Hunger Games 2, ben echt heel benieuwd :)!
    Leuke outfit, je jas en rokje zijn mooi!

  2. Wat een mooi rokje, staat je weer ontzettend mooi meid!

  3. Wat een leuke details heeft je rokje! XO

    p.s. op mijn blog mag ik twee armbandjes weggeven! klik hier!

  4. Superleuk je blousje bij dat taillerokje. Ik ben zo benieuwd naar de film. :) Liefs


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