Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ootd | First week of december

H&M polka sweater, Primark coat, H&M high waisted jeans, H&M ankle boots
Lot have been going on the last few days.. I dyed my hair back to one color (golden stars for those who noticed it right away). On saturday, I went to a christmas market in Munster,Germany where I mostly been eating calories-boms, I will do another post solely on this. And on sunday I went to a vintage kilo sale for the first time with my friend Roz. It wasn't anything big and I didn't really plan on buying something until I saw this suede leather skirt that goes right above my knees and a cute crochet crop top, which were never worn. All for 9 euros. Can't beat that right?

I got this polkadot sweater I think last year and am so bumped that I bought it a size too big. I like the sweater to be a bit oversized but not too much. And this item is right on the borderline. Nonetheless it's still comfy as ever and hold enough heat for me to be walking in this autumn weather. I went to Primark the other day and found this coat, which is actually too thin to be called a 'coat', on sale. I promised myself not to buy a coat anymore, I mean what is this 99problems post about. But I knew that I would have a great wear out of it, so I couldn't help myself. What can I say.. I'm a sucker for anything on discount.


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  1. Leuke outfit Jill, ik heb die trui ook, weet alleen niet waar ik hem heb liggen haha!
    Verder goed geslaagd bij de Primark?

  2. Wat leuk gecombineerd! Erg fijne trui lijkt mij. XO

    p.s. op mijn blog mag ik twee armbandjes weggeven! klik hier!


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