Sunday, March 16, 2014

personal | Off for a run

UNIQLO sweater, H&M shirt, Forever 21 yoga pants, Nike air max thea

Waking up at 8am in the weekend is harder than you think. Since the weather has been nice lately, I decided to start running again. It's been at least three years already since I've done it, so I'm definitely a bit scared to start from scratch again. But you got to start from something, right? I've seen a lot of apps that will help me with my running pace and endurance but without any goal is quite hard to keep motivated, so I'm thinking about joining a running race.. The "Nike's women: we own the night 10k" race. It seems like a real challenge but maybe a bit too far reached, so I still want to prep myself first before I sign up. The race looks really fun though. There will be a lot of sports, fashion, design and music seen/heard throughout the race. We'll see how much I can challenge myself..

Have you ever joined a running race? Any tips and tricks?


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  1. Goed bezig :)! En jezelf een doel stellen helpt echt inderdaad, ik ben ook weer begonnen met hardlopen met de intentie om mee te doen aan de lokale 8 mijl. Succes!!

  2. Nice workout gear, how long did you run for? Trying to get fit but it's not really working (too lazy :p)


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