Thursday, October 1, 2015

NEW IN | Missguided lace-up front bodysuit

Ever since I saw this top on May from OhMayGod on her instagram, I knew I needed one as well. But since I'm quite busty I was quite concerned how it will look like on me.
It can go either way.. really trashy or just really fashionable. And a little detail of the design of the top can make it or break it. For example I don't really like this one from NastyGal  since it is a bit more revealing and the little rings make the top look more cheap. This one on the other hand from Nelly, I do like. The only thing is the pricing of that one. So I put on my detective glasses and went online searching for the perfect top/body for less. Since I didn't really know how you call this model I literally entered every term I could think of on Google to search for that particular model a lace-up front top, tied-up front, criss cross top, a 'lattice' (I've never hear of it before) and every variety of each term. The most common term used for this is probably the lace-up front, so if you want to Google it up then look for this term.

After some digging I came across with this lace up body from Missguided, the perfect bodysuit! I like that this is a body and has a ribbed texture to it. I still find 30 euros on the pricey side but since I've never ordered on Missguided before I used the new20 discount where I get 20% discount. I couldn't decide between black and white, so I got them both. There's no delivery costs to the Netherlands on orders above 60 euros, but since my order before the discount is above 60 euros I don't pay for delivery! In the end I had to pay 25 euros for each bodysuit.

I'm quite pleased with the quality and fitting of the body and can't wait to wear this out! But I'm still not comfortable wearing something so revealing.. So it's getting used to it. I'm planning to do a 'How to style' video on this, so keep an eye on the blog!

What do you think of this upcoming trend?
Would you wear it?

x J.

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  1. Heel gaaf! Ik wil er ook wel graag eentje maar ben bang dat het te snel een beetje te sexy wordt. Al vind ik het bij andere mensen altijd echt superleuk staan:)

    1. Ja dus dat! Ik dacht ik ga de uitdaging aan en ga het proberen niet al te sexy maken. Misschien dat ik in de aankomende post je kan inspireren om er ook eentje aan te schaffen :). x J.


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