Sunday, October 25, 2015

VIDEO | Dutch design week 15

About a week ago I went to the Dutch Design Week. Each year product designers, photographers, artists showcase their work at this event. The event is held throughout Eindhoven, a city known for technology and creativity, a week long. You can follow workshops and listen to lectures for all things design and future trends. I like to see other people's work and get inspired by it and just be around people who appreciate it as well. I was quite surprised seeing so many people strolling around. It made me also aware of how much I actually miss studying Industrial Design. 

Out of everything I've seen (Unfortunately I didn't get to see everything because of lack of time) my favourite product must be the 3D to 2D foldable chair by Jong Ha Choi a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. It's so simple yet so brilliant. I didn't get to film the folding process but by folding the chair you can basically put the chair like a 2D picture on the wall. This means more chairs in smaller spaces. This boy is going places.

At an industrial building I found 'Shylights' by Studio Drift. It's probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen with my eyes. After seeing this video about Shylights, it made me love it even more. It almost brought me to tears when the lamp unfolded, no joke. I could seriously watch it over and over again. Like seriously every piece they make is a piece of art and has a story to tell.

I'm so bummed out I didn't get to see more stuff, it is also almost a 2 hour ride with the train so it's not that I can go and take off to Eindhoven. Next year I definitely have to plan 2 days for the event!

Do you like the video?

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