Monday, October 5, 2015

PERSONAL & OOTD | Finding Marie Kondo

I have a lot of clothes. Not surprising really, my parents know that, my friends know that, my wallet definitely knows it and of course you guys probably know it as well with all the hauls I'm posting on the blog. But enough is enough. I've been feeling suffocated by the amount of clothes I own. And I've noticed that my wardrobe didn't make me happy anymore but just makes me confused and frustrated in the morning. As I'm getting older I also noticed the types of clothing I prefer and certain looks I want to achieve. I also want to achieve a more minimalistic lifestyle. It certainly doesn't help achieving it with having garments in my closet that I wore in high school. It will give me a clear vision for my style by detoxing my wardrobe.

So last sunday (my only day off) has been about decluttering my wardrobe. My intention is to do my wardrobe first and work on other stuff phase by phase. At this stage I'm quite pleased at the amount of boxes (read the plural noun) I'm getting rid off. I know a lot of bloggers and Youtubers are doing a capsule wardrobe or the project 333. Now I'm not going to follow that (all though I think it will be fun to do it for a month or so) because I know that it's not something right for me (maybe in the future). I like to have some choice in the morning but the main problem I have with my current wardrobe is that I feel that a lot of garments aren't "me" anymore. And just be smarter while shopping. A method I'm going to apply is the "Konmari" method complied by a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo. Now I haven't been able to read it (I'm going to asap) but I've watched a video made by Youtuber Lavendaire. She really explains the method well and really inspires me to do this as well. So now I'm done with procrastinating and just decluttering everything! Marie just has a really beautiful and metaphoric way to describe the steps she takes on how to say goodbye to your stuff. She sounds really delicate and such an inspiring woman. So I'm definitely going to purchase the book. It's called the "The life changing magic of tidying up". Wish me luck.
I've added the video of Lavendaire below. If you're interested go check it out!

The outfit I'm wearing is pretty basic and super casual since I wasn't planning on going anywhere but just tidying up

bomber | VILA
Jeans | Primark
Sneakers | Nike

x J.

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