Monday, January 27, 2014

EVENT | Stars in the firmament collection by Winde Rienstra

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When do you know to get a new camera? When you're about a meter away from models with beautiful garments on but still can't catch the beauty of the fabric in motion on camera. 

So yesterday I went to my very first show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014. I received a ticket from VitaCoco by joining a challenge and I got to see the Winde Rienstra show front row! I've already seen her work earlier on at the Dutch Design Week 2013. So I knew that it would be an awesome show. As I've just said before, I was so bumped out that I didn't really get a lot of good shots of the show, but I didn't want to mess with my camera settings while I could experience the garments in real life. Sometimes you just have to stop worry about taking pictures and enjoy the show! Well on to the collection..

Winde's collection is called "Stjerren oant it firmamint" which is Fryslan (different language somewhere in the Netherlands) for Stars in the firmament, a way to let her work shine as a flickering light in the dark. The collection consists of really soft fabric mixed with some hard materials. I like the contrast of the two materials and how she put it in harmony. This makes the models look like futuristic goddesses and warriors. And those shoes! Props for the models to be able to walk in them. The shoes are made of cork as far as I can see and its worn by every model. 

My favorite look for this collection has to be the first one that started the show, the third picture. I love how she knitted this. And the construction and detailing is really remarkable. Another piece I really adore is the cropped knitted top with shorts. It's just so cute and soft, it reminds me of the cowl Katniss Everdeen wore in Hunger Games (Catching fire) mixed in with some cotton balls. Remind me to learn how to knit..

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  1. Love this post! Great collection!


  2. That looks very amazing! If I had a big camera with me, i wouldn't want to do anything else <3

  3. stunning! so unique :D



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