Thursday, January 16, 2014

HAUL | My love affair with Nike

Nike Air max thea black (here) , Nike Air max thea cherrywood (here)

I like to wear sneakers when I don't wear my ankle boots. And one of my favorite sneaker brand is probably Nike (surprise!). I've gotten really into them ever since I bought my janoski's, you can see the post here. It went from "into it" to "really liking it" as I got another pair here. And then it got worse with the Sky High Dunks here, quickly followed by my first ever Air Max Thea in Cherrywood here. I was in love as they were the comfiest sneakers I ever own. And I could literally bounce on my feet when I'm running or walking. So it's not a surprise when I finally got ahold on the black Thea's, as they run out fast (no pun intended), I bought it. Ah well it means that I won't be able to shop for awhile.. Probably a good thing.

Oh and If you ever consider on buying them, buy a half size up! It runs a bit small.

Do you like the Thea's? And do you have a favorite sneaker?


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  1. Nice shoes!!
    I follow back for GFC and blogovin. Thanks a lot.

  2. Lovely shoes!


  3. Die zwarte zijn ook echt heel gaaf. Ik zelf wil deze of de nike rose die is ook zo tof.


    1. Thanks! Jaa roshe runs staat nog op mijn wishlist ;) xx

  4. I don't really wear trainers (I feel like a weirdo wearing them, and I love my boots far too much), but I can understand why you wear them, based on their comfort! Love the gif you made, too :) xx Rebecca - UK style blog

    1. Indeed, I wouldn't be able to trade my boots.. but still fun to vary sometimes :) Thanks! xx

  5. hehehe I guess i'm not very sporty because my fav sneakers are a pair of gucci's that are made similar to some AllStars Chucks. I just find them soooo comfy and plus when I work out I don't jump too much aaaahahahah.

    I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post love!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Valentines Day Outfit

    1. haha well if it works why not? especially if they're comfy ;) Thanks for following me dear! xx

  6. Love Nike as well, so comfortable and Air Max has always been my favorite model !

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  7. They are wonderful!



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