Sunday, January 26, 2014

OOTD | Heading to Amsterdam Fashion Week

Issue 3.1 ombre faux leather jacket, H&M cropped jumper, H&M high waist jeans, Costes necklace

As some of you already know, I get to go to the Winde Rienstra show at Amsterdam Fashion Week by Vitacoco today. And although the timing and weather is bad right now (with my exams and all), I still am excited to go! Tomorrow I'll be posting about my first experience at AFW! Have to go now!

I can't stop wearing my Nikes because they go with everything and are so comfortable. I have to leave it for tonight though and try for something more 'formal'. Anyway, I actually prepared my outfit for tonight already and took a few pictures of it.. but now I'm wearing something different because the weather got bad and it wouldn't be responsible to wear it. Ah well the show must go on!


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