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EVENT | First time Huishoudbeurs (part 2 of 3)

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First thing's What an experience! I haven't been to the annual Huishoudbeurs before but I've heard so much about it. So when I got the chance to go to the fair as press, I knew it was time to go. I went there with my friend, Sara, and we both didn't know what to expect. We didn't want to waste any time, so we just went off right away after dropping some stuff at the lockers.

This would be the second post for the Huishoudbeurs 2014 mini-series and it's about the experiencing the fair. You can read and see more picture by clicking 'read more' below! For the first part of the series click here.

Festival Fantastique
This was the first hall we went to, the hall was quite small compared to other halls, but with still lots of things to do. It was quite busy at that time, since a known Dutch artist was performing but we still manage to sit at the Chi/BioSilk/Farouk bar to do our hair using Chi hair straighteners and spray. I was so tempted to buy some Chi stuff since it was a great deal but I stopped myself because the one I use is still fine.

Sara curling her hair with a Chi straightener.
Love the "Fashion truck" concept, selling clothes from a truck.

Fashion & Beauty hall
After getting our hair done we went to the Fashion & Beauty hall. There was a lot to see in this area, I was a bit overwhelmed, didn't really know what to see first. And then I saw this stand with bright colours and prints, it was a stand for another hair straightener, ISO professional. I just love seeing the prints together and they've done a great job attracting people with all those hanging straighteners that definitely works for visual merchandising (said the inner retail designer within me). The part where this fair is best known for (at least for me) are the samples you can get and the 'free' treatments you can do. Such as getting a tan for free, you shouldn't mind being watched at by lots of people though. Another thing it's known for are the discounts and the great variety you have.

Cute and fun prints by ISO professional
See them hanging!
Woman gets a spray tan treatment.
Lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks.
Food & Drinks hall
This hall is definitely my favorite area. After walking for a few hours already, we were starving. We wanted to have dinner at a place where you can sit but we also didn't want to be stuffed from our meal and not be able to go to the food & drinks hall to try out samples. So we decided to go the hall first and I was definitely glad we did. Because after trying basically every sample every stand had to offer, you're pretty much stuffed already.

I already saw that there's a "Eat water Slim pasta/noodles/rice" stand which I've wanted to try out for awhile now. The pasta only contains 12kcal and has no carbs and I was so happy when I got to try the samples.  I tried the noodles and the rice ones. It had this weird chewy structure and different from the original ones, but it tasted the same. I did like the rice one better but I think it was because the cook was better than the one for the noodles. But I would definitely consider this as a rice substitute when I'm strictly dieting. Another snack/food that got me excited where these wasabi nuts from Mitsuba, they're so yummy and you can really get the wasabi 'shot shock' in your nose from it. Their stand was a success as well, they put these small cups where you can put your nuts in yourself. The last food stand I wanted to talk about is the Kikkoman stand. Kikkoman is known for their soysauce used in almost every sushi restaurants in the Netherlands. So it's not a surprise when they used sushi sprinkled with their soysauce as sample. But the last thing I was expecting was the quality of the sushi! It was so delicious and I don't know if it's because of the soy or just of the Dutch (yes Dutch) sushi chef. If only I can go back and eat one again.. I found their chandelier full of empty Kikkoman bottles charming as well. The best price for most outstanding stand goes to.. Kikkoman.

Lots of people in search of good food.
Two tiny cups filled with noodles.
"I ate noodles for... dinner?"
People grabbing every nut they can..
Funny tastes in nuts and crackers.
Cooking the Eat water Noodles.
So many packages.
Chandelier full of Kikkoman bottles.
Sara's thinking of a scheme to pick up the whole tray for us.

Home Sweet home
We were pretty much tired from walking almost 5 hours already, but we still needed to see the Home Sweet Home hall and I'm glad we did. There were such inspiring objects and stuff to see there. I love to see the effort they do in their interior of the stands. You can do workshops as well and I was so bummed out because it was almost closing time and I would love to do one or two so myself! The kids were making such beautiful stuff and it looked so much fun! Ah well next year I would be able to do so.

Beautiful sculpture
up close
cute bags in different leather/fabrics

love, love, love
tags for wrapping gifts
Lints and ropes
cute heart buttons
Inspiring words at the end of the day
Some work people have done using paper prints
Girl concentrating on her artwork
People making sculptures together.
Kid writing on the Edding wall.
Free picture taken with some iconic Dutch artists.. 

That was my first time experience of the huishoudbeurs, I had so much fun and I would definitely go next year again. But this time more prepared.. bringing my trolley with me and going there by car. I hope that you like to see my pictures as much as I did making them! Stay tuned for my outfit post of this event.


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  1. Heel fijne foto's! Het ziet er daar heel gezellig en leuk uit, vind vooral die foto met de stijltangen aan het plafond heel leuk haha.

  2. Het ziet er allemaal zo schattig uit! Mooie foto's!


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