Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ootd | The Biker outfit

Primark denim blouse, New Look faux leather vest, Zara skort, Nike Air max Thea
Been out for a little while, but I'm back! Needed some time to get back on uni stuff and some time with some friends. I had a high school reunion last weekend because they were going to demolish the building and build a new one. So I met up with some high school friends and we relived some of our high school days (miss those simple days). 

Some of you probably already know but another big reason that took up a lot of time was.. The Walking Dead. Yup, I went there. I am a sucker for a good tv series and this is another one that got me totally hooked. The thing that got me watching was actually because "the Conan show" did a spoof of the series and did some interviews with the actors. And because all series I am watching weekly are on a short break. So I started watching it on Saturday and have 8 episodes left to watch.. So that means I've watched 3 seasons, 37 episodes, 1665 minutes in 4.5 days. Is that considered healthy? The show is so good though! It absolutely deserve all the rage for it. If you can stomach lots of blood, organs and have a thing for zombies.. You should definitely start watching it.

My days filled with fighting zombies probably had affected my outfit of today. At least my interpretation of a though biker chick, who can kick zombies some asses, look. I've been wearing my Nikes a lot again (driving with sneakers is so much easier) and paired it with my Zara skort. On top I wore a button up denim blouse and to finish it added a faux leather vest. Don't know if I really like the combination of the leather and the skort though. I must have thought so in the morning.. You never know if you don't try, right?

What do you think of my biker outfit?


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  1. Wauw prachtige outfit! Gaaf skirt ook, ik had hem al zien hangen bij Zara!

  2. Prachtige outfit, je skort en jasje zijn zo mooi!

  3. super leuke outfit meis en leuke foto's

  4. jill! aku gak tau kamu punya blog! haha bagus banget :D

  5. What a cute look. The biker vest suits you just perfectly!

  6. Mooi biker vestje, ook leuk gecombineerd mer de Nike's, al durf ik dat zelf niet goed dragen :)

    X Sara

  7. Heel erg mooi gecombineerd! Heb het niet zo voor sneakers, maar hier staan ze wel leuk bij!

  8. That's a great outfit hun! I love the skort on you :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  9. Hele mooie outfit! Love the top!

    Liefs, Merel

  10. Leuke outfit Jill, je nep leren gilet is gaaf!

  11. thank you for your lovely comment, i 'm following you now on GFC! cant wait to see your awesome posts :)

  12. love the outfit :) you look so cute and sporty! perfect for the weekend:) xx

  13. I love ur nike!
    mind to check my blog? lets keep in touch with GFC, let me know



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