Saturday, February 22, 2014

Haul & event | Huishoudbeurs 2014 (part 1 of 3)

Yesterday I went to the annual HuisHoudBeurs in Amsterdam and got some cute stuff! Firstly I want to say a lot of thanks to the HHB for inviting me to their event as press. It was my very first experience to their event and it was definitely one of the most versatile and fun convention/fair I've ever been to. I will post more about the experience tonight!

But for now I will show you a small haul I got from the fair. A cute laptop case from Muja Juma, never heard of this brand before but they sold all these kinds of cute laptop cases/bags that I've haven't seen before. It's made of all kinds of different fabrics put together. They told me that this was from four years ago winter collection so I got it for a reasonable price, 15 euros, and they also told me that they made sell only 300 pieces for each model! So if you're going to the fair, make sure to go to the Fashion/Beauty hall and get this piece for your self (or as a gift).

Another thing I bought are these Revlon colorstay lipcolours. My sister was so excited for this product when she bought it from her trip to Indonesia. And I don't really know where you can buy this brand in the Netherlands. They used to sell it at our local drugstore (Da) but I don't know if they still do. Nevertheless, you could never find these lipcolours for so cheap! They were three pieces for 10euros. Couldn't leave that behind!

Anyway, this was my small haul from the fair and stay tuned for another post about the fair's experience!


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