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PERSONAL | Five days in Stockholm

I tried to replicate the pictures I've seen in Stockholm - post here
I love alleys like this
stylish man on bike

Hej hej! I'm back from Stockholm and it was such a nice and wonderful experience. I loved everything about Stockholm! The people, the public transportation, the shops and the beautiful buildings. I loved how the people were so helpful and friendly in general. They say that Stockholm is the "Venice of the north" and I completely agree. Nara and I took about 8gb worth of shots in the past four days, so be warned for a lot of pictures coming! You can read below for a quick overview of the past days.

We arrived at 6PM at the Svarta airport and it was already really dark and first thing we experienced was the snow! It wasn't as cold as you would expect though because there was almost no wind. After we got to our place we immediately explored the city and search some food for dinner. The main thing that bugged me that day (actually the whole trip) were the prices! And I'm used to overpriced things, especially here in The Netherlands, but they really take it to another level! Probably because they use Swedish Kronen. Anyway the first day was really about exploring the area where we stayed which was in Nördermalm by foot and planning our trip for the next couple of days.

This day was all about museums. We got our 72hours valid public transport card to head to Vasa museum, which was about a boat the Swedish recovered after it capsized 333years ago, and Skansen, a small town that has been rebuild as in medieval periods. We took a ferry to go to our next museum, the Modern museum, afterwards. After we ate some simple dinner, it was time to explore the metro systems. I really love their almost 24hrs available public transportation, so we got to stay and sit at a cafe for a while. The artwork throughout the metro stops are such a pretty sight and everything looked so well maintained. The weather was disappointing by the way, it was raining and snowing.

We've decided that we have seen enough of museums, so we went to the centrum of Stockholm. The weather was quite nice and the snow disappeared. In the morning we went to see Gamla Stan (also referred as Old town) where you could find cute little shops and buy souvenirs. Then we went shopping in Nödermalm. Now, this was the disappointing part. You would think that H&M or Monki would be cheaper in Sweden. Well you've got it wrong! Everything was a tad bit more expensive if you convert it into euro's. And a lot of items that were on sale in the Netherlands, were normal priced in Sweden. I did get some cute stuff from Monki at a good price though. Things at Weekday or other Swedish shops were too expensive for a student like me. In the evening, we met up with a friend of Nara's to have dinner at Slussen near Gambla Stan. We ate at a cute and wonderful all you can eat vegetarian restaurant called Herman's, you should definitely check it out if you're visiting Stockholm. After stuffing our bellies, it was time for a night walk with Stockholm's skyline as our view.

A long day ahead of us. We wanted to go to highest bridge Gondolen to take pictures of the view but there was a lot of fog, so we decided to go outside Stockholm first and visit the capital of Stockholm's archipelago, Vaxholm. It was painstakingly cold there but we managed to take a quick view and shoot some pictures. Afterwards we went to see the library of their university of technology and then back to Gondolen. We got to see Stockholm from above and it was such a beautiful sight. For dinner we went to probably the trademark of Sweden, IKEA. We thought it would be fun to visit it in Sweden itself! We ate our swedish meatballs and did some souvenir shopping and ended our night with another view from above except this time with citylights and grabbed some tea at a cute bar in Gamla Stan.

It was a wonderful experience and I definitely understand why people would say that it's a beautiful city! I would go back for certain, heck I miss it already! Maybe in spring/summer where it will be less cold and a different sight to see.


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  1. Ik zag al wat foto's voorbij komen op je Instagram. Stockholm trekt me echt totaal niet, maar nu ik deze foto's zie ben ik er wel benieuwd naar! XO

    p.s. op Valentijnsdag mag ik twee mensen gelukkig maken met een infinity ketting. klik hier!

    1. Ahh ben blij dat ik je aan het twijfelen heb gemaakt! Stockholm is een prachtige stad en ik raad het iedereen aan! :) xx

  2. Wat een leuke post! Ik wil al een tijdje naar Stockholm en been veel info aan het verzamelen, dus dit artikel kan ik zeker goed gebruiken! Wat een prachtige stad. Is 5 dagen voldoende naar jou mening om Stockholm te ontdekken? Heb je nog hotel en restauranttips?

    X Sara

    1. Leuk zeg! 5 dagen was voldoende om Stockholm zelf goed te verkennen, maar als je ook nog een boottochtje of de archipelago (kleine eilandjes buiten Stockholm) wilt zien, wat erg mooi is vooral in de lente/zomer, zou een extra dagje zeker fijn zijn! Ik raad je aan om zoiezo Gamla Stan (Old town) te bezoeken en de Gondolen voor een prachtig uitzicht over Stockholm. Ook zal het zeker fijn zijn als je zo'n 72uur of als je langer gaat een week OV aan te schaffen, scheelt je veel moeite en tijd en je zal er zeker optimaal gebruik van maken, de metro-art is zeker een pluspunt. Vanwege de redelijke hoge prijzen, hebben wij zelf niet veel in restaurants kunnen eten, een restaurant die ons wel beviel was Herman's (waarover ik in de post heb gehad) een allucaneat vega restaurant, rond Stockholm centraal waren wel veel leuke tentjes die we pas later ontdekt hadden, dus daar zou je wel kunnen eten. Zelf verbleef ik in een hostel (voor mij eerste keer) en het beviel me zeker wel! We verbleven in Lodge32, dichtbij Stockholms centraal station. We hebben hiervoor natuurlijk wel eerst Tripadvisor voor gebruikt en allerlei reviews gelezen. Het was erg schoon voor een hostel werd mij verteld en zelf vond ik het zelfs schoner dan sommige hotels.

      Ik hoop dat je hier wat aan hebt! Als je nog meer vragen heb of iets dergelijks kan je me mailen! Zie contact!


  3. Wauw prachtige foto's, ik zou er ook super graag heen willen!

  4. Wonderful photos, I would love to visit Stockholm too one day :)
    Seems like a great city!!

    1. It is! The people are really great and so kind :) A beautiful city! Definitely recommended xx

  5. I went to this city last year and i fell in love with it! I think Stockholm is such a diverse city and really inspiring... Love your picture of the city, really takes me back to last year!

    1. Ahh glad I can take you back to memory lane! I completely agree with you and wish to come back soon! xx

  6. Ah wat leuk! Ik ga eind maart 3 dagen naar Stockholm, handig artikel :)


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