Friday, January 23, 2015

HAUL | BARCELONA haul in less than a minute

Better late than never right? So here's my Barcelona haul. At first I didn't know how I should show my haul without it being too boring, so I made a quick video (with quick, I mean real quick). It takes less than a minute! I hope you enjoy! It's a bit different but I like the outcome. Don't feel like watching the vid? Click below to see pictures!

Before I went to Barcelona I did some researching (actually a friend did) and I found out that all the inditex stores (Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear and other smaller Spanish stores) weren't having any sale at that moment of time, like in The Netherlands. So after some digging, the sale or 'Rabaixes' as they call it, started on 7th of January, the day before we were leaving Barcelona. So to avoid any danger we avoided stores and refrain from any shopping till that faithful day. The 7th of January was every man's nightmare. Every store was crowded with people and shopping bags, apparently rabaixes is a big deal for Spanish people, which I totally get, I mean helloo Zara sale. It was probably even a bigger deal for us since all inditex stores are cheaper in Spain and with the added discount even more cheap. So I didn't hold back and spend a lot of money in one day, from 12am to 10pm.
The biggest problem here is that I wish I spend some more!

Click below to see pictures and a bit of a backstory of some items!
Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the video and the haul

x J.


So about this haul. The haul is from my visit in Barcelona and every piece were on sale, except for the H&M coat and Bioderma. And although I bought most of my items with 30 - 50% off, it still is hella lot of money.

First I see a theme going on here. I count 5 outerwear pieces, which is probably a thing I was into.
While I was in Barcelona I went to probably 4/5 Zara stores and every store had at least one or two pieces of the Zara famous camel wrap coat (Mango had a few left as well), which is quite surprising because in The Netherlands it's pretty much sold out everywhere, but it didn't seem to suit me that well.. But then I saw this navy coat and it was almost love at first sight. I didn't immediately buy it though, because I wasn't sure of the 'oversized' look. After visiting 3 Zara stores more.. I decided to buy it with the intention of trying it on at home again and maybe return it back home (which never really happens, ever). So then you'd probably think why'd you buy the H&M black wrap coat as well? Well, this one is more tailored and shorter. I find this a bit more classy looking, which can come handy from time to time. I found the two (real) leather jackets at Bershka for only 40euros. I had been thinking of replacing my H&M fake leather jacket with a real one, since I've been wearing it to death, but never seem to find a good replacement. Bamm, then I found this black one in Bershka for 40 euros from 120euros. How can it go any better? I also bought another leather jacket just for the sake of the discount really and I really like the color (although the camera doesn't seem to capture it right).
The cape is bought at a store called Lefties. It's a store from the inditex company, it's likewise as Bershka. At first, I didn't really like their collection, but then I saw this cape for only 20 euro. I have been looking for a simple classic cape for some time, especially since the one of Forever21 was sold out. A thing I have to point out is that it doesn't collect that much dust as the picture seem to show.

Other great items that were discounted worth mentioning are the two bralettes. I found these two in Urban Outfitters on the last day of Barcelona. I thought that this could be cute with anything high waisted. The first one has like these mesh parts, which makes the top look sporty and the other one is velvet with a triangle hole between the boob parts (again, camera didn't capture it right). They were 12 euros each from 22 euros.

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